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Watched Toy Story 3. Holy crap, I almost cried my eyes out within the first half hour. It's a cartoon from my childhood, just like the first 2 parts and another one about the adventures of a toaster, can't remember the name and there was also about the things that came to life. By the way, "things and toys that come to life" now sounds a little creepy, and I used to rewatch these full-length films many times. Good cartoon from my childhood, now there are few of them, I recommend watching it with the whole family or children, they will definitely like it.

Picked up Silent Hill 5, half a year ago I couldn't finish it, now I'll practically force myself to pass it.

Started watching the historical series about Rome with the same name. The creator of HBO is a very reputable channel that at one time introduced me to such a creation of the series world as "The Sopranos". Blood, violence, sex and political conspiracies in the bowels of the Senate. Already in the first episode I "met" Cicero, Brutus and Caesar. In the second, there was only a mention of the Rubicon and the actual moment when Caesar was on his way to the empire's capital to. I wonder if anyone remembers the history course? Actually so far so good, I highly recommend it to people who liked the TV series about the Tudor dynasty - The Tudors, which recently ended. Mater: 2 seasons, 11 episodes each, the duration of 40-45 minutes. The standard in general.

We all know that the 13th installment of the famous Final Fantasy franchise will never make it to our screens, and since I'm a wild fan and have no money for PS 3, I try to at least delve into the story and feel the genius of the story, although in this case, evaluation as "fairy tale" is appropriate. At first confused because the game is Japanese and accordingly the language there is not the great and mighty. Good thing I found the Russian voice-over on the net for the clips, though not much, but will look just so. After I think to sit behind the roller MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots, where they say complete roofies. Oh yeah, about the final thoughts will be tomorrow.

And then towards the end of the day, there's a good song by a good band called Scars On Broadway called Fucking, who knows

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