Nux-10. First run

Last night was the first run at Nax. The regular guild run in Nax is usually divided into two parts - two wings are cleaned in an evening, which fall on Thursday and Monday respectively. Yesterday was a visit to Spider and Military Quarter. The raid lasted a little over two hours and had two wipes. The first was on the main boss of Spider Quarter, the second was on the Riders.

Overall impressions of Nax are that it was a long "heroic" experience. Some bosses didn't make much of an impression. For example, Instructor. "Hit harder, run faster", in short, very much like a pee-pee with Sartarion. Gothic was more fun, but also nothing special, a fairly simple fight. Liked the fight with the Horsemen. Some sort of coordination is required, and that second rip happened precisely because of poor coordination. In general, some bosses from the "heroics" seem more interesting than the Naxx ones. At least from those that I saw.

The instanse itself made a double impression. Spider quarter on the color scheme got some kind of all acid, pink-green. In short, I did not like it. Military executed stricter.

In terms of trophies, the visit was quite all right. In addition to the six badges, fell good mittens (not better than those that are, but nobody played them) and here is a stick Wraith Spear .

On its roll I got 100 out of 100. An epic roll.

Of course, I'm not likely to swing it. Weapon of close combat, in my opinion it serves more as a decoration for hunters, adding numbers to the parameters. But it will do well as a substitute for the knives I bought from the Union of Dragons vendor.

So there you go. The thing is, I'll be able to go to the Kel'Toosad, I do not know, but once a week in Nax will try to visit.

P.S. Question for experienced people. Is it worth farming Nax for tokens on Tier 7 and drop to get in Ulduar? Or can I just farm heroics and get dressed for the sake of the badges?


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