Unstoppable movie

You know, of course, that Rambo decided to assemble the Old Guard and made Unstoppable. It's such a mega-quinzo where all the legends of our childhood will face off against each other, maybe here we'll finally find out who's stronger - Bruce Lee or Uncle Yasha?

Yes, yes, this fun FuManchu has gathered the strongest and toughest heroes of our childhood. Who just isn't there ... Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), and Dolph Lungdren (Universal Evil Russian), and Eric Roberts (Universal Evil American) and Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Termik), and even Bruce Willis (Savior Come), even contemporary heroes are available: Jet Li and Jason Statham. Look it all will be mega-beastly, I think, in the film will go all post-Soviet space - a mega battle can not be missed!
And now about the plot, in the end, because in films of such a sort, it usually does not play any role. But still: the film is called Expendables, i.e. "The Meat" - "the people who go to the expense". Well, five special forces (in the good tradition of Battlefield: Bad Company) are sent to a South American country to destroy the local dictator, and on the way to kill three thousand Vietcong, find a beer, chicks and have a grand party at the end. They can die in peace, no one cares, but us - the audience, who will be able to admire the shooter-catch-up, just from August 11.
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