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Kamrad CrMad sent me another article (thanks again for that), which I think is quite interesting. I am not a huge fan of the roleplaying game - although I have started playing on an RP server and even tried it - but I treat those who are into it with respect and interest. In material CrMad'a described, let us say, an interesting case where a player puts his own conditions and he plays by them. That is, does not make achives that he came up with, typing in the next column of numbers, and does it on his own. However, read for yourself.

Many have heard the phrase "When will the RP server?" or read the long saga of the adventures of heroes in the RP section of the forum. Some diligently learn the rules of wagering this or that character, and compose beautiful quench. But for nearly 2 years of RuVOVa, I have not seen a single, true manifestation of role-playing (guild drinking drinking party with a visit to the sad hermit and the subsequent striptease on the table, not counting). Not on Thunder, not on Termic, not on Razuvia. No, wrong though, I know one. The problem is that he doesn't know he's a roleplayer himself.

Many people play in WWII almost on automatic: quests, quests, levelups, bg... The best shmot, farming gold, baj wounds, and in the essence of what is happening do not get. Why do the twins created the story and atmosphere?

Did you know that before the paladins were only the Alliance (after all, warriors of light) and the shamans from the horde. Do you know that Rogues - is not imbo pvp and "a lot of control," and simply a robber (cheater, trickster and trickster) - a person of questionable moral values, which belongs in the prison Stormgrad? No, you don't think so... You can't trust someone who owns a pickpocket and a garrote. And how long ago did you read the description in the quests, even a glimpse? I remember starting to do the quest in Boreika and was unpleasantly surprised to learn that I collect oil from wolf poo... Canceled.

I have a friend, let's call him Petya. Business, family, pubs, doesn't read books, likes football. A mature pragmatist. And in the evenings he plays WWE... But not like the others. He has his own personal "hard mod" - to be a paladin not only in the name of the class, but in EVERY action. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

Wikipedia kindly informs us that a "Paladin" is a knight with magical powers bestowed upon him by his god, who has no suzerain, generally follows ideals of good and fights the forces of Darkness, undead, etc., and is able to heal the wounds of allies (and his own). Here's trying to remain a pure servant of the Light in a world full of evil.

Weirdness in his behavior first noticed when we were swinging at lvl 12. He was doing quests, but wouldn't turn them in. "Why?" - I asked. "I don't like the number 13," replied Petya. Indeed, upon reaching the "unlucky" level, he passed all the quests and jumped to 14. The next event was the removal of 60 paladin. Back then, WotLK hadn't come out yet, and it was a serious level. "Why?" - I wondered. To which Petya absolutely seriously told me the story of how in Shattrath he made the wrong choice of faction and joined the Seers, which consist of Blood Elves. He didn't know how to undo it, so he started swinging a new character.

With the release of the Vanguard Call, all normal tanks started going to the Champion's Trial (heroic) in hopes of knocking out the Black Heart. Pete dropped it a few times, and he always refused it than pleased the other milishnikov.

Once at an auction gone good party ore, Golds at 500. But the joy was not long. The buyer's name belonged to a Death Knight he had seen before, and for some reason he remembered it. "I don't want the money of the dead," said Petya, and sent back the full amount.

Everyone had seen that on the Lake of Ice Shackles, the master of flight for Flliance was a goblin. And what business could a warrior of light and a filthy goblin brat have in common? The same goes for the flight master in Dalaran - Blood Elves got their nickname for a reason.

At one time, when pumping engineering, there was a problem - making devices using bloodvine or black iron was required to raise the skill. The solution was found in the mass production of green (!) super accurate arcanite transducers. How much money was thrown away was horrifying.

The first thing he does when getting into a random instance - looks at the composition of the team. If on the heal shaman - he gets out 100%. If the Rogues or DK - pretends that they do not. When they start shouting, "Give me a helmet! Pal Fist!" - He ignores them. Further, there are two options: either he is excluded, or humbled. In raids are easier. There will always be other paladins who will throw the necessary buffs. Yes, and the tanks are always worth their weight in gold.

So, what is the "True Paladin Code"?

- Do NOT put the flying goblins or Blood Elves (not to be confused with the High Elves of the Silver Alliance);

- One may not have any dealings with DKs, shamans, horns, and blackseekers. No communicating with them, no trading (always check the race of the lot seller on the auction before buying), no blessing, no healing. If you put on you Soul Stone or Winter Horn - cancel the buff;

- Look at the description of the items, their origin, appearance. For example, a great tank shield Aegis Colosseum us no way because of the skull with burning eyes. The same applies to potions that contain blood or darkness;

- Reputation only works for positive factions. Fangirls, for example, are "welcome to any allies who offer help" - and thus cooperate with the Horde.

Many would consider him an idiot. That's your right. But he dances Arc-25 with no problem and has been on Anubarak. In the arena with him we scored 1500 last season. Money, too, are water (an ancient saronite at one time with his hands gone for 2100 gold). Professions (miner/engineering) are at a maximum. By scandals in the groups have become accustomed to, and relate to them with understanding. Now started a little castaways and also leads him down the "path of light" (without the dark magic, Dot, mana burners and fear). That's the kind of "hardmode" that Blizzard couldn't even think of. And you're all making up epic stories about your characters. Don't be guided by "role-playing rules" - you just have to live it.


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