World of Warcraft - 10 years

Tomorrow, November 23, 2014, World of Warcraft will mark ten years since the game's American release. Ten years for a computer game is not just a lot. It's a very long time. Even MMO projects do not live that long. How many of them have gone into oblivion as long as WoW has been around? I don't think it's necessary to talk long about the reasons; they're on the surface. All those long ten years Blizzard has been developing the project. If you compare what WoW started with and what it has become now, the content alone has become several times more. And in the game mechanics has changed a lot. In other words, ten years ago what we started and now what we play are different games.

What can I say? Thank you Blizzard. Thank you for a game that has everything. Classic RPG elements and third-person shooter and team battles and even economic simulation. Before WoW I have tried dozens of offline games and in this project I found what I played there. Already after I started playing WoW, I tried several new MMO projects, but I still come back to Azeroth. Thank you, Blizzard. And thank you also for making friends in this game that we've talked to together in blogs, forums, and teammates. World of Warcraft is really more than a game.

Of course, for such an anniversary you want to do something special. I've been blogging for six years now, and I've written over a thousand postings during that time. I don't think there's much point in talking about it at length. I'll just leave it here.

A brief history of World of Warcraft


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