The Beginning" or how to get out of the Pubertnubian age?

So, I've heard about the blogs in the Igrozor and decided to record my entry as well. I'm sure it will end pretty soon, because due to lack of patience none of my blogs, ZHJournal or Twitter have ever lived more than two weeks, and I even forgot my password there. Since I myself have been struggling with this problem for a very long time, I decided to dedicate the first post to my gamer complexes.

"Nub should suffer?"
You've bought a computer at your local "F1", spent a lot of money on a decent video card, licensed operating system, antivirus, and all because the seller recommended it. But come on, you think, it was worth it: it'll come in handy for your free time. Come to the store, and like a zapravsky nub taking some quest crap based on the TV series "Prison Break". After 2 evenings of agony, you come for help to friends, who happily explain to you that there is a mega-schneaga "WoW" and it is imperative to play, so every five seconds to push the button, in order to hit friends. But it does not take you, stupidly, because you sit and every five seconds you poke the button, in order to heal friends. Eh, it was a bad debut, no royal swing, and what was the ambition...
Then comes the shooter age: I foolishly bought "Avatar" and "Saboter", on the recommendation of the seller bought "Orange Box" and "Modern Warfare 2". Weeks of joy for the nub... playing on Easy, you happily demolish three million Vietcong, thousands of Russian villains, fascists, mordoprogov and invaders of the planet Pandora. Hooray! You feel like a true hero, just about to go online and show everyone who-is-who! All ambition fades after five minutes of play ... It turns out that the stupid run and shoot, as in a single player campaign, is not the best tactic for the online ... Your eyes are already looking for the server with the title "For Nums" and "Training for
Try to go back to the single player campaign and try to pass it on Medium so as not to embarrass yourself like last time...
Why is that? And when will you finally stop getting kicked off the server by your own team? How long will it take to get up to par with the others without becoming a nerd? How do you get out of this goddamn Pubertnubian age...
P.S. In fact, I have long passed this time, but have not found an answer, where is the line between nubie and normal player. Maybe you can answer?


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