Casino at the New Moon Fair

For curious players it is no secret that in the gameplay of WoW the developers use the techniques of the entertainment industry. We mean the same gambling - slot machines, card games, roulette and other attractions, on which their owners are making billions. For example, the proverbial random that determines whether an object will fall or not - it's the same. The reasons that drive players to the fact that time after time to kill the boss with the coveted object are the same as those who press the "one-armed bandit" in the casino. Luck is coming and it's going to fall. Just a little more and the jackpot is mine.

That said, the potential for borrowing is far from exhausted. Talked with the guys from online casinos and in a conversation mentioned a good idea - why not put a casino at the New Moon Fair? The institution would fit perfectly into the overall atmosphere of the location. Bloody Delphi women in strict uniform would be croupiers, ogres - bouncers, goblins and dwarves would be players, in general, the entourage can provide a very colorful. Roulette, poker, point, dice - all this can be easily implemented in the mini-games with a separate interface. You can play for coupons and gold.

I think the idea was on the minds of the developers. Moreover, five years ago Bliz said that they are not against gambling in the game. But there is one subtle point. From the legal point of view of some countries, online gambling is illegal. For example, it is prohibited in China, Japan and South Korea. So by building a casino at New Moon Fair, Blizzard may lose a decent audience. Yes, there's a possibility that the casino will be zapped only in the European and American tabs. It's no secret that for the Chinese market Blizzard had to thoroughly redesign, for example, remove skeletons.

In this case, how the audience of these regions will be perceived online casino is also unclear. In any case, a vine is ensured, especially considering the fact that the game is again losing subscribers. However, vine at na. and so on any occasion begins.

Although, for me, such things fit in perfectly. The reasons are described at the beginning of the article - random and drop. The only difference is the rate - someone takes out a knight with Leach, and someone wants to win the gold. Let's see, maybe the Blitz will take a chance and do it after all.


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