The name speaks for itself.

There's a guild on Gordunny whose name sounds like "The Name Speaks for Itself". Yeah, that's kind of true. However, while in real life we inherit a surname and why some of our ancestors were first named like that is hard to say, online nickname can tell you a lot. In my time when I blogged on Lear I tried to make a small survey of nicknames and their classification. I was right about some things, not so much and there was enough flame-flooding.

On Moonglade-EU the characters' nicknames were pretty much authentic, that is in line with the atmosphere of the fantasy world. There wasn't any Dickhead or Moron (although if you look through the armories, you can find such things too). When I first came to Eternal Song I was a bit shocked by the nicknames which included some really weird ones. It was then first thought why the Bliz did not make a generator of names to deprive the torment of creativity those who have enough imagination for something like Yaimborog or Wrotmnerunu. First of all, such nicknames destroy the atmosphere of peace. Secondly - the neighborhood with inadequates little pleasant even in the virtual world.

At one time, at the start RuVoVa, one person with a good sense of humor, even made a study of "obscene and inappropriate game world names. To read this "analytical report" while you can here (caution, a lot of foul language). As you can see from this report the sexually abusive and jerkish nickname themes were a real problem at that time. The situation is certainly not as dire as it was at the beginning of RuVoV. GMs cut this nonsense, but still the struggle continues. And now in RuVoW you can find people with "strange" nicknames. As of 28.03.2010 in the armory was four assholes, seven idiots, six bitches, nine morons, three masturbators, seven orgasms, and so on and so forth. It's a long list, I don't want to traumatize your psyche. Well, if a person considers himself a bum, but in real life, he has a surname Ivanov, which he does not like, then let him call himself in a virtual hole. Of course, this is an extreme case, there is a group of nicknames, which on the one hand are somewhat strange and also does not correspond to the game world, but still not so extreme. Saw the phrase in the chat today (really saw it) "Smartassassassin wins the duel with Uglyrog". Also weird, but... If you dig deeper, basically names like that are far from new. Below is a mixed list of nicknames of characters from "Gordunny" and... Ukrainian, or more precisely the so-called "Seche surnames". "Seche" means that the ancestor of the surname bearer was a Ukrainian Cossack from the Seche. Try to separate one category from the other.

Zhuyboroda, Smeshnozhab, Neyizhpapa, Ostrozub, Lupybatko, Pishichitay, Nepoymayko, Tsarkoschey, Nebiimorda, Zaderikhvost, Fluffymysha, Skvernohvost, Neizhborsch, Vovkodav, Idikuri, Shaitantrava, Zaplyuisvichka, Triplushki, Nepeipivo.

Well? It will be interesting to see your analysis results. As for the Secession surnames themselves, wikipedia spells out the following:

"These associative surnames have a vivid emotional connotation, setting one in a certain frame of mind, awakening many images in the imagination.

"The authorship of these surnames belonged to the Cossacks. According to the Sich rules, the newcomers were to leave their surnames outside the external walls and enter the Cossack world with the name that would best characterize them. Taking into account such a subjectivity of the Cossack life, one should not be surprised that today some of the most colorful names belong to the descendants of the real Cossacks" - V. Sorokopud "There are such surnames in Russia...".

Here's how. "Leave their surnames behind the outer walls". Maybe subconsciously our players do the same as the Sich Cossacks - they leave their old surname behind the virtual walls and take a new one. Not an obscure "fantasy" name, but the one that they think best describes them.


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