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The promotion of a game or movie is a separate show that is sometimes just as interesting as the project being promoted. The hype raised by PR people, marketers, and an active minority of fans is interesting to watch, betting on whether everything will be as beautiful later as we are being told now. The Warcraft movie is no exception to the rule.

I don't know about you, but I take the story of the private screening of a cut of the Warcraft movie episodes at ComiCon as the beginning of a PR show. The screening was private. It was forbidden to film these clips. The only clip that made it onto the net is now being actively pounded off of websites. Ai-yi-yi, such secrecy. As if we are talking about the latest model of a fighter jet. What is the point of cutting this clip if it has already been viewed by millions of fans and stored on their hard drives? Ridiculous, really.

Bliz has done similar tricks more than once. Remember at least the "Cataclysm" alpha leak. Screenshots hung on mmochanpe exactly as long as it was necessary to excite interest and download them for themselves.

Now, in essence. First about what I saw. Orcs are brutal, Gul'dan is charismatic, Garona is sexy, the portal is colossal. Coupled with a video tour of Stormgrad, it can be said unequivocally that the authenticity of the world is respected. Sure, you can count the number of statues on the Stormgrad bridge and pick on other minutiae, but seasoned fans will recognize the world without a clue. A newcomer, who has heard that there is such a game as WoW, the world will impress. That's all that can be said so far. Now, a little bit about the film and the game.

In my opinion, linking the release of the new add-on and the release date of the movie is naive. Like, here's a movie coming out, and after it in LFR will not be pushed around from the crabs. Why? Firstly, because the storyline movie has nothing to do with the current state of the game. Moreover, for a newcomer, the alternate Drenor and the plot of the movie will be fraught with embarrassment. I think it's clear why.

Secondly, Legendary isn't making the movie so that World of Warcraft will have more subscribers. The film is not a promo, it's an independent commercial project that should pay off and make a profit. Filmed it, launched it, raised the box office and that's it. In the long run, it should be the first in a series like Star Wars, so that by releasing a sequel every two or three years Legendary has good profits. That's why the story starts from the very beginning of the "modern" period - the First War between orcs and humans, so that if it's successful, it has an established storyline. In other words, if the movie shoots, what follows is a movie adaptation of what we've already been through in chronological order.

Of course, the Bliz will also get their gesheft. And the number of WoW subscribers here again is not the main indicator. Googling how many tons of oil Lucas raised from the sale of "related" products - starting with cups with the SW logo and ending with full-length Darth Vader figures. By the way, relatively recently the studio announced the Warcraft Chronicles book, which will outline the history of the universe. This is it, not a subscription to WoW, will be bought by the viewer who liked the movie.

Over twenty years, Blizzard have managed to create an interesting and engaging world that is little inferior to, say, the same Game of Thrones. A successful film release would expand their audience many times over. It is not necessarily the gamers. It will be fans of science fiction in general and fantasy in particular. These will be ordinary people who, for example, choosing a gift for a child, will buy him a Lego based on the movie or a cup with Gul'dan, offering to drink the blood of demons.

To summarize. In the Legendary Pictures-Blizzard tie-in, the former's job is to make a movie and get good receipts. The second's goal is to take the Warcraft franchise out of the narrow realm of computer games and into the wide world.

These are the considerations. We'll see what happens in a year. The Warcraft movie comes out in June 2016.

P.S. You can download the clip here. I advise you to download it, because it is quite possible that I will get to me.


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