My writing is "CheteR" 2.0.

Judging by the fact that the last version of the Cheater's writing turned out to be a failure. Because it was one of my first texts... *in those times I hadn't even found my style, and I was afraid of writing long descriptions... and I was afraid of writing in general (I think everyone has faced this... right "Finya"?)* So I decided to rewrite the text in a new way. I hope you like it.

Cheater - What does a cheater do! Changes values, hacks, cheats, castrates what he doesn't like, and pumps silicone into what he does like. Simply put, a common crook with a God-like streak. A good example of this is the movie "Bruce Almighty", or rather the part where "Bruce" has his head snapped off. The same is in the game, the player is too lazy to achieve everything on his own, and he decides to change everything with the snap of his fingers... but in our case with the click of a mouse.

There are 2 kinds of cheaters, "On-line" and all the rest...
Well, this time let's start with the "tail", or rather with everyone else.
In this category are those people who want to try on a white robe and halo, well, and experiment with water and wine *as well as have a laugh. But because they are just experimenting, and do not do it in On-line and single games of different genres. So let them build themselves:

"Space-Kutuzovs" (strategy games)

"Abramovich" (economics)



The Chosen Ones.
* This could be your demotivator, but I couldn't find it *

There you go...

But in the On-line world, the cheater is such a pest that annoys everyone and everything. As in "On-Line" cheater is a mixture of "Bunker", "Troll", "Nub", with the fact that he always mimics the "Folder", which is why "GM" gets more hemorrhoids.
But sometimes the GM attacks...

And in Russian parlance...
A cheater kills a camper at the other end of the map with a single stab.
The cheater bathed in dragon blood, for which he now has impenetrable skin. He also wears an "adamantium" vest, an armored helmet, an armored papoose, and armor plates to be sure.
Cheater has a nanomagazine with nanopullets, due to which there are "100500 thousand" bullets in one "Desert Eagle" clip.
Cheater is also bathed in the blood of "Superman" because of what is now sees through walls, flying over the map, and has superspeed.

So, to summarize ... Admittedly, we all cheated in the games. When we could not "kill the bastard," when we were too bored and took "bang" with the help of which arranged "apocalypse local scale. When we wanted to pass the game, but money or life dumb lacked. But we did it in single-player games. What the "cheaters" are doing online, it's "not good". As there you play with the enemy on an equal footing, there all succeed by their own efforts, "And not a mouse click.

P.S. It was an experiment, I'm interested in your feedback. What's better? With or without demos? What to add and what to remove? In general, write... How do you want to see my writing?
I will soon continue to do "Pseudo-Reviews" on old games. Maybe I should leave my scribblings as they are and use "Dems" in "Pseudo-Reviews"? Write a comment Total comments: 41


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