WoW Classic, version 1.12.1

You may laugh, but the Comcon Vover decided to set up a wing on a pirate server. Someone found out that they recently launched a very nice pirate server, on which almost everything works and does not glitch. Server called Nostalrius, which is a virtual version 1.12.1, ie the latest patch vanilla WoW. Ironically, that's the version that was on that pirate disk I bought seven and a half years ago. It didn't really work, but it was enough to get me excited and start playing.

Of course I created a hunt and of course it's a dwarf with the nickname Deckven. Dun Morog, wolves, boars and troggs. Green Christmas trees on snow-covered hills. The character does not cast shadows, can not shoot on the move, still chopped in close combat with an axe, because you can not shoot at point-blank range. The map is not marked in places where you can find mobs, dropping quest items. In the pocket two dozen coppers, even the simplest of skills to buy no opportunity. Every now and then there are funny messages about the fact that your skill upped on the next point. Oh yeah, the hunt has mana instead of concentration and still need to keep a slot pouch with bullets. Oh yeah. In general, it's like that first night on the offserver, in March 2008.

Passing the second quest I thought - but what am I actually lost here? Probably that, and many players with experience. Their first impressions and the desire to repeat them. The first few months of the game my main motivation was to explore the world. That Azeroth that I had looked down on in the three RTS Warcraft series became closer. Yes, I wanted to join endgame and raids and generally become big and strong, but in those first months the experience of traveling the world was enough. And the sense of pumping was not to get to the capa as soon as possible, but to get a pass to the next location. This "candy-marmalade" period of virtual tourism lasted about five months, until I pumped up to 58-th and lashed out through the Dark Portal.

There is an interesting paradox about the game. The project is evolving, it's undeniable, the game added a lot of things, from the mass of new content to the systematic things like automatic assembly of the group. At the same time from the game removed a lot of things. I'm not just talking about class mechanics and further simplification. I'm talking about content. Prequest for access to Onyxia's Lair, the chain to get the Rock'Delar bow, entire locations and instances like Naxxramas-40 have been cut out. In retrospect, I think Cataclysm is my least favorite addition. And not just because the plot at the end was drained and all. "Cataclysm" changed the face of Azeroth forever. I loved the dark romance of Azshara and don't like what the goblins are doing there now at all. The Valley of a Thousand Needles was beautiful on moonlit nights, and the elven ruins in the middle of the Wasteland were a perfect match for the kodo graveyards. It was during "Cataclysm" that the developers remade Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman into 5ppl and dismembered the other vanilla 5ppl. Along the way, dozens of old quests were removed.

No, don't think that this experiment was successful in some ways, but I liked the old Azeroth better. The harbor in Auberdine was the first place I saw in Kalimdor. And I don't like the fact that the fires are blazing there now. Nor do I like the fact that the Sunken Temple has lost an entire floor and that the Maradon has been sawed into three pieces. Nor do I like the fact that the village of the capoeira-dancing trolls was raided by night elves.

I don't want accelerated pumping and going to the MC or whatever. But the old, pre-cataclysmic Azeroth I do want to see. True, our warriors decided to play for the Horde, so that's going to have to do Tauren. In any case, look at Afronforge and Stormgrad without a harbor, and at the same time, the old Dalaran, hovering over the Plagas Nax.

As for the global question, "why doesn't Blizzard support different versions of the game?" The topic is old and has been discussed many times. The way I see it, it's not about technical issues. I'm not an expert in MMO support, but if pirate shards, installed and supported by enthusiasts, then for professionals in general there should be no problem. As for arguments "it's not long, people will indulge and will go to the current version," you can also argue. Piratki about the same age as the official servers. And despite all the problems people play it. There will be demand, especially when you consider how many people have gone through the game. After all, that's tens of millions. And the fact that Blizzard is not itching about it says more about shortsightedness in some aspects (history with buying game time for gold to confirm this), and elementary laziness - while they are still pretty good to take money from the current version.

In the end, a little bit of technical details. Nostalrius was launched at the end of February this year, online on weekdays 4-4.5k, on weekends 6k +. They say it works steadily. Prokalkal character to level 4, no bugs seen yet. If you want to join us ComCon guild for the horde. By the way, Palych also plays there.

P.S. If anything - the post is not ordered.


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