Notes of a Beginning Guildmaster. Part 1

A normal winter evening, logging into the game. The first phrase into the green chat - "Good evening! - "Uh-huh..." Online - three people. Translated into plain language, this means that the team almost fell apart and those who continue to play either keep the bonuses, or too lazy to look for another place, or ... they still did not come by chance in this collective and still hope that there will be something. What will be? What's going to happen? Who needs it?

The first question to answer yourself when you start something is "why do you want it?" I answered that question for myself back in November when we did Messenger of the Titans. I already wrote on Fox's blog that I saw a team of good people and players and realized that I didn't want to play with people I didn't know well anymore. Of course, the raid on the Envoy, forty wipes and no fighting was the last argument. Before that, it was playing SWTOR, going on flushes, ganking events, questing, chatting in the vent. The recruiting we started on blogs brought our readers into the game and it turned out that most of them are intelligent and adequate people.

So I was sure that if I started recruiting for the WoW division, it was highly likely that they would come to us. So why not? Why not get these people together? After all, we've all been through negative experiences in MMOs in one way or another. Rudeness to our own address, disrupted due to lack of organization, conflicts on almost nothing. Through quests, hopes and disappointments. And I think we learned to appreciate the people around us. Not only numbers in the account or frames in arena-tim.

Starting from scratch is hard, always and in everything. In December, the guild in WoW shrunk to a bare minimum. Yes, level 25 is good, but guilds like that are pondering. Yes, there are seven tabs in the bank, but two-thirds are stuffed mostly with junk. Yes, there's a website that has a forum. But then again, that's all any guild should have. It's not the first time I've started from scratch. In my real life, I've started from scratch three times. Twice I drastically changed the scope of my efforts and everything, knowledge, connections and experience, had to be built up from scratch. I also started this blog when very few people were doing this kind of thing and I've heard a lot of ridicule about my activities. "The dogs bark, the caravan goes." If you believe in what you are doing, sooner or later there will be results. From the very beginning you need people like that around to say, "we're in this together. So I say thank you to Deswing, who immediately volunteered to be the RL. Thanks to Fox and Eritaka, who said, Stas, come on, we'll be up in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Frey, and Scorch, who kept the threads going on the forums. There were some of the Comcon folks who don't play WoWb, but nevertheless kept the right spirit alive in the discussions. Thanks to all those who said "we're in this together".

And there is another important point. It's also about people. It's important to know who you don't need in the guild. In any business at the start you need those who look at the case with a positive attitude. You don't need whiners, who say that nothing will work and don't even try to do something. You don't need freeloaders who say, "I'll come when "there are more of you. I don't need the rushing progressives who shed after the first missed cd. I'm a patient and patient person, but I express myself sharply in these cases. Decadent sentiments should be cut off at the root. If you have nothing to say, you'd better keep quiet. You do not believe that it will work, then what are you doing here? Criticized, but do not offer anything - who needs your opinion? Do not like it - the door is over there. It is better to get rid of this ballast at once, otherwise it will be hard to take off.

In addition to confidence in your success, you have to see the path you're going for. There are always paths. Even if you're not sure it's going to work, you can try it and see if it's right or not. A little bit of specifics. Recruiting on the offorum and NK did not give a return. The very atmosphere on the official forum has little to do. Moreover, the forums are looking mainly for numbers - the guild "skilled" players, players - the word "hmmm" and the more the number in front of it the better. In the topics half of the responding trolls. Was (and still is) the idea to make ComCon'a mentor guild, which teaches newcomers the game. The idea failed if only because there really was only one newcomer to the guild. Newbies don't really read the forum.

Nevertheless, the topic of making diplomatic ties with guilds of the same weight class came up. Some of our guys have already managed to go to Heart of Fear and Mogushan, and if not, we were joined by guys from Heart of Wilderness and Insomnia. So I plan to expand this business and put it on a systematic basis. There are ideas about creating an openraid type platform for gathering both intra and cross server groups in T14.

What else is important? As with many things in life, a sense of rhythm is important. There should be regular eventing and guild members should know, then it's going to happen anyway. Deg said an idea in Trilfirin's comments that I completely agree with. If a raid is announced, it's the job of the GM and RL to make it happen. Absolutely. And then it will stick in our heads, yes, it's not a one-time random raid that might not happen next week. It's bound to happen. And so will other events. It's the collaborative things that bring people together, not just the green chat and the "graz with an achiever."

Anyway, the result is already there. Statik for Kiev PT is already collected and made 5/6 of Mogushan Dungeons in five raid evenings. I think that on the next kd we will close this instance. The Emperor's Will will be more difficult than Elegon, although he did not cause much trouble - a dozen and a half vypov, three of which were purely technical. On Friday several times disconnected a tank from a friendly guild. I think that by 5.2 this group will be ready for the Throne of Thunders. Right now we are gaining stats for the MSC and need tanks and heals for now. So if you want to join us, you are welcome.

"See the goal. Believe in yourself. Ignore the obstacles." And then everything will work out.

To be continued.


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