My writing is "nerd" full version.

At the request of a friend via PM, I tweaked about one of the most mouthwatering descriptions where my sick and swollen imagination can run wild.

The nerd is another "piplo-sapiens" who has settled into the online world. Reasons for changing P.M.G. from the "banal-real" to "unreal-virtual" worlds, it is a modest desire to become a "Best of the Best" (BoB) and to kick "everyone and everything". Including "Nubami", "GM-u", "folder", and voila everything that moves, moves, and who simply do not spare time to kill for the sake of killing. I would like to point out that such people a hell of a lot. But to become the "Best of the Best of the Best, Best of the Best" must be able to fucking play the game and sometimes think tactically ... well, sometimes include the "intellect with brains. Because the high-speed "rush" with a shotgun in the forefront, or, sharpened uber-Sekira at "+ ~ 100500 to Damage the pink elephants," the problem does not solve.
This is us sorting out in general terms who he is and why he's bullshitting around. As you might have realized we already accidentally divided it into subspecies.

RiP RPG Nerd - The toughest nerd. Can easily swing his Persian from level 1 to level 80 throughout his life. While happily "hooting" and chopping up monsters all the same sharpened "Uber-seker with a pressure of +- ~ ~ = 100500 on the pink elephants," at first in cabbage, then in the meat, and then in the salad "Olivier. And the purpose of all this "salad medley", is the desire to knock out a rare "werewolf wool armored diaper" which increases resistance to colds and sciatica. And prevents you from shitting yourself during a Triggerhead Mammoth Five-Blooded Gopher attack. Also prevents you from shitting your spine during a "rail blade" attack on your head. Which at the same time being equipped with "sleeper-knife" and "helmet of the dismal construction worker" *with flashlight =)*, gives an opportunity to hit the "locomotive" (Railway set).

As you understood from the above, the way of this subspecies passes through complex and severe tests of his nerves, unreal patience, and tests on the craving for workability of the left mouse button, by "zaklyvaniya" everything that moves, wiggles, and in general, somehow crooked looking at you.
No tactical actions are used by this subspecies. In order to become a "Best of the Best" (BoB-es), he has to wear the most rarity uberboy costume with a bonus to "Killing Everybody and Everything" with the same "+=~-100500".

In this case, the Minions are able to attack his enemies to unite them in their ultimate. As you can see, this sub-species is the most emotional and vengeful. He is able to take revenge on everyone during the round, as he has died an "inadequate death".
In the same time, he still has a lot of competitors that still want to become a "BoB", to bash "everyone and everything", and for fun, to shoot a "salt-spray" from a shotgun into his 5-point. Because in the shooter helmot "~-= + 100500 to the damage of the pink elephants" does not help ... and there is none at all, although ... the helmot may not. But the elephants clearly should be. So, the elephant class cannons are not just introduced into the game.
So, there's no smoothes, there are no elephants, "elephants" is. So, in order not to die, he needs to master the tactics of battle, and have a Jedi reaction and accuracy. Or just go to the nubserver with "elephant", and show "as a zoophile on the field chasing lambs. But you can't become "BoB" on nubservers. And to kill the rest of the "Pseudo BoBs" need to guess the enemy's actions.
Also, in order to survive on the map, you have to be able to do everything.
Be able to choose the right weapons.(Since-Kak in cramped quarters from the inflatable balloon is more useful than a sniper rifle).
Know how to camouflage. (Since disguised as "Pentium 3" in the office room, a soldier with a drobodan can kill all the creeps in this office room.)

Know how to choose the right time. (Since-as time to jump out from behind a corner of the soldier, covered with something brown, armed with drobodanom system "elephant", and shouting "Banzai-sepuka-hentai. Can make a small company shit itself, and then shoot it all).
It's also important to know the area and the surrounding objects. (Since-Kak disguised as a huge "Gribos" on the main street of the city, a soldier will cause "ohrenitelno astonished looks. And a few fragmentation grenades in their direction.)
Can not also forget about the accuracy of firing. (Since "Dibiloid in body armor," which is a minigun class "Shestislonoval", which can not get at unarmed, bound, standing in three meters from the enemy ... well, this is the top of the "Kretenism").

The Racing Nerd - A kind of nerd from the category of "You'll never meet... and if you do, you'll go nuts. In most cases, these nerds play hardcore simulators. As it is in them it is necessary to be able to adjust "1000 and 1 bolt" and watch the pressure in all tires (including in the spare). Because one wrong adjustment... and you can get this.

It is also important to be able to drive a racing car. This is not NFS, where armored cars are magnetized to the ground, which has no clutch pedal, brake pedal, and gearbox lever is somewhere in the trunk. In simulators a car consists not of 4 wheels and a body, but of a body weight in 200 kg. in which a 3-liter turbocharged engine is completed, lightweight wheels are added, and a pilot's seat is welded.
To make this "piece of metal on jet traction" correctly entered a turn, the player must take into account a lot of factors, and tap out on the keyboard.
I think that's enough about simulation nerds. There's also "car wreckers." They're only into the game for the sake of the cars themselves. He wants to race like a boa constrictor with slippers. His dream is to have a garage with the coolest slippers. He's totally obsessed with cars. If you ask him, "How are you?", you won't get a standard "Not bad" or "Not good" answer. The answer will be something like, "Like a Porsche 911" or "Like a Lada Kalina."

I almost forgot, never talk about the breakdown of your car in the presence of "Sim-asshole. Otherwise, he will be all day long playing the "Mechanic with Bachelorette" and turn your brain into a "boiling radiator" and your mood into a "deflated tire".

"Strategies or Chess Evolution" - Nerd in strategies is first of all a thinker, and only then, a brute who demolishes your base of "Elephant Tanks" and other mobile machines of death, in the first minute of the match.
Divided into 2 types - "Kasparovs" and "Diarists".

"Kasparov - This is a true strategist, he knows how to use one unit slowly and methodically destroy the entire army, and there already over the main base of fiddling. As you can see, he's always thinking with his head and coming up with new tactics. He's always got "two strikes against a crowbar, and a shotgun just in case." And against the same tactic, "inadequate-strategic maneuver," which always works.

"Diarrhealer" - Sharp as diarrhea, and just as unexpected. He's not quality, but quantity, speed, and stubbornness. All he needs to know is what's the fastest way to get to 'Elephant Shaped Units' that don't give a damn. Or, which of the easily available types of units, in large numbers, can take apart the enemy base brick by brick.

If I forgot something to write please comment... About this character can talk a long time, so I described everything not very detailed, and perhaps about something I forgot to write.

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