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I came back from Kazan on Tuesday. Me and my friends can get together, and go to some city just for fun, without a specific purpose. It's cool. There is a healthy adventurism and a tangible sense of freedom in it. Here, this time Kazan. It's in Tatarstan, if anything... Tatarstan is in Russia, yes.

So, I have to tell you that Kazan is a cool city, friends. I've seen enough Russian cities and I can compare. And I was impressed. All these fountains, avenues, temples, towers and other cool stuff... Really, there is a lot to see, so I recommend everyone to come and have a look. You won't regret it.

It is interesting that the most impressive architectural revelation was the building of the Ministry of Agriculture ("The Palace of Collective Farmers", as locals affectionately call it). It fairly and deservedly caused our threefold touristy "Holy shit!

The most striking thing is, of course, the central part of the facade. There's a kaba tree in that arch... Cool, yeah.

So... What else I'd like to point out. First of all, girls. On my way to Kazan, I was expecting to see a crowd of attractive Tatar girls, scurrying around the streets... But no. It was a bit of a dead end. I still authoritatively assert that the prettiest girls live in Saratov and Sochi. At least from those cities I've visited. And this is not just my opinion, yes.
And secondly, the alcohol in the cocktails was not poured in the nightclub... Assholes. So, all these "dirty shirley", "flag of tatarstan" and other "cardinals" went unnoticed...

I won't tell about other details of travel and adventures but it was not boring to say the least ... As usual, in general :)

That's all, actually. Citizens of Kazan be proud of your city. The citizens of other cities are proud of their city. Transport from St Petersburg keep your feet on the ground and one day we will get there. Cubans, but pasaran, viva commendatore.

And the girls from the periphery, one last time... The chorus goes to your brain:

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