Pleasant unusualness, as well as the usual pleasantries. Issue 1.

Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
Sometime not too long ago I promised to say a few weasels about my beloved "turkeys". Reasoning on the subject of "turkeys" I will not give. For me personally these games belong to that category, so let's not make a big shit about how "it's not indie - it's paid" or "it's not indie - it's not unusual".
I' ve decidedfor myself that Indy is something made by a small number of people.
hidden textSince designing each game takes time, and there are at least a dozen of those games, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate one issue to one game.
So, let's get started, shall we?

First item:

The magnificent knytt.

Genre: Exploration platformer.
Year released: 2006.
Edition: free.
Download link (18 Mb)
Somesynopsis: Knytt is a little creature, who one fine (is it really fine?) day (or maybe it's just an evening) is abducted by an alien (isn't the abundance of these explanatory brackets making reading difficult?) The ship crashes and now to escape knytt has to find all the parts from the ship.

And here's where the sabotage begins.

So, we're looking at a platformer. Exactly as someone once bequeathed to us, sorry, I don't know who. And it doesn't matter.
First of all, knytt is an unusually beautiful (in terms of pixel art) platformer with an open world for exploration.
There's no story, per se. We get stolen, we crash, and we're right on our way.

- Uh... so I didn't get..... was it a date or something?
- No,it was a crash.
The world of the game is enormous. We'll be in the jungle, in the mouth of a volcano, on the coast, on the island of some ruined fortress, in the clouds, in a dark dungeon... And each location is done with unfailing attention to detail. Almost everywhere you can meet the local inhabitants, look at their life (to interact, however, will not work, but it's for the best).
Here is someone sitting on the edge of a cliff above the lava and roasting a piece of meat on a stick, here are some birds flying around, here is a millipede running from side to side, here is someone swimming, and someone made a stove and just sits at home.

There is an opinion...... that the guy on the right would rather fry his legs than this sausage.
In addition to the harmless inhabitants, there are also the offending ones. But they don't usually cause much trouble. In general, knytt as a game, does not make you in a nervous overstrain to break the monitor and ruin your system with the first encountered at the hand enough blunt object (natural history?)
First of all, a pleasant game in all respects. Objectives - clear. Enemies - rather conventional and there are no problems with them. The puzzles are simple. The style is pleasing to the eye, and the sound and music to the ears. Everything works for an easy, enjoyable atmosphere.

Those tentacles sticking out of the ceiling..... why are they red?


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