Famous Games. Issue #2

Famous Games. Edition #2
In this episode: Singularity and Perfect World

Self-expression. Who doesn't want to prove themselves to others? Yes, and as psychologists say, self-expression is vital. Without it there would be no new inventions, without it there would be nothing. It was self-expression that helped the Massachusetts Institute of Technology create the game, the first game in human history. It was 1962 and it was called Space war. And it was called that because the Americans had lost to the Russians in space exploration. And they had to give an urgent answer to the blowout. They did. It's been a long time since 1962. We've seen all kinds of games. Game companies want to express themselves through games. Not all of them, of course, but most of them. That's why we're seeing very good projects. Well, here are two more very famous games of the last time. Without advertising and self-expression you would never know about them (of course). One of them is the most popular in its genre, and the other one has recently appeared on store shelves. But there's already a lot of talk about it, too.
Game intro
I honestly don't really like the Action genre (some of its representatives ). I don't like running and shooting. So reviews of them I get not very believable. Yes, and the genre is very complicated now. We see something new less and less often. But there are also good games. We are going to talk about one of them now. But there is nothing special in it, just like in Dragon Age from the previous release. Why does everyone like it? Let's break it down. Here it is, a scientific and historically informative game:
Singularity - the best of time

Title in Russian: SingularityGenre
: June 25, 2010Producer
: Raven


:American plot
The game's plotline is based on the fact that in 1950, the Soviet Union found the mineral E-99 on an island. And set up a colony for the extraction of this mineral. Colony developers have called it Penal Colony - 12. This colony not only mined E-99, but also studied it, experimenting on everything. The Russians wanted to make a weapon out of it, because the mineral has very powerful capabilities. Mostly disrupting the passage of time. And if they succeed, they can make a weapon stronger than the atomic one, which the Americans have already made. But something went wrong and Katorga 12 was shut down. And all materials on it were put under the heading "classified". Playing as an American scout (already in 2010), we go to the island, as it has managed to discover the satellite. But on the way our helicopter crashes and we have no idea how we survive. While on the island, it's up to us to figure out what's going on and unravel all its mysteries.

Thebest of times.
In the game you can see the plagiarism from other games. For example, the puzzles here are the same as in Half-Life, even MVP (Mobile Time Converter) is somewhat similar to the gravel cannon. Monsters pop out suddenly like in Dead Space. And the interaction with the characters is somewhat similar to what it was in Call of Duty. But this plagiarism only goes in favor of the game, and it is almost imperceptible.

Combat system
In the game you can carry two types of four weapons: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun or sniper rifle. All weapons can be improved by going to a special machine and using the "improvement kit" that are lying in the locations.

More in the game, there is a MBP (read above), thingy, which we were given for the servants before the Soviet Union (I will not spoil). This is the same MBP can age or rejuvenate things, "for lack of another word. In the same way, he can vytrat a lot of other things, pick up objects, throw the enemy back, to grow old in front of his eyes and freeze.

It's not uncommon for it to be used in solving riddles. For example, if the ladder is broken it can be rejuvenated and passed on. Or if you can't jump up to the ledge then you can rejuvenate the box and move it under the ledge, thus climbing on it. You can also improve your MVP, collecting on the locations of "E-99 technologies". They can also be used to improve a character's health and weaponry.
Over the course of the game we will shoot a very large number of different enemies. First there will be usual monsters, then soldiers, then special forces, etc. Monsters in the game are very interesting and different. Some can teleport to you, and some you and all will not see, and only hear. Also there are frequent skirmishes with the bosses. It's always a spectacular and interesting scene.

Atmosphere .
Occasionally we'll come across notes with scientists' thoughts, turntables, and slide projectors. By examining them, we learn little details about what happened on this island after all. It's very interesting, atmospheric, mysterious. But (my favorite alliance), we've seen it all before in other games. Sometimes we move back to the 50's and back, thereby changing the course of events. Saving someone or getting rid of someone. This also really adds to the game's atmosphere.

Singularity is a very entertaining game, beautiful and atmospheric. The story is confusing and interesting. The combat system is not new, but it wasn't bad either. And what else is needed for the game. In addition, the summer always falls a little bit of an announcement. And the player is never satiated. So Singularity came out at the time and the place. If all of today's games were released under this scheme, they wouldn't be worth it. My rating of the game is 4 out of 5. It lacks the features of the game and the characters are not "live" as in Half-Life 2 Ep. 2.
And what is your opinion?

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BloodThe introduction


the game
MMORPG. There are as many opinions about this genre as there are about games in general. Some think they are evil. And they steal almost all your free time if you play them. Some think they're the "life in the game" we talked about in the last issue. But there is one thing that unites all these opinions. MMORPGs allow you to express yourself and just socialize. That's why most people love them. Now we're going to talk about the best MMORPG and the one that is really popular all over the world. Why is it so loved? Let's figure it out. Here it is:
Perfect World - not perfect, perfect world.

Name in Russian: Perfect World
Genre: MMORPGDate
of release in Russia: March 31, 2010Publisher
in Russia: Astrum Nival OnlineDisassembly

of the

Character creation. I have not seen a single MMORPG, where the game does not start with this. This very character creation in Perfect World can be proud of itself. The functionality is amazing, because the game was created in 2005. If you dig hard enough, you can create a character that doesn't look like anyone else, or even recreate yourself.

But editing the face isn't the only thing you can do when you are creating the character. We can still choose one of 3 races and a class. Sid - something like a forest elf. Zoomorph - an eared, tailed and hairy semblance of a human. Well, or human. What makes them different is that each race has different character classes. Priest and archer, only the Sid. Warrior and mage, only humans. And the zoomorphs have the werewolf or the druid. Druid, by the way, here is not a bearded man who cooks something in his pot, and a girl fox, well, or kitty, depending on who you choose.

Promotion of the character in the game as in any other Korean MMORPG slow, boring and it tends to be a lot. Only in contrast to other MMORPG in PW (Perfect world:) there are a lot of quests. And they aren't very deprived. "My farm is attacked by wolves, go kill 80 and come back to me". And after 40 levels they also become rare. So it's kind of crazy to get them all pumped up. Yes even the level increases very slowly, so after a week of playing you can take 30 lvl (level:). That is if you play 5 hours a day. The maximum level in the game is 150, but more than a year of above 105-th one has not risen.
Chips life
The first chip and the most important in the game is flying. Such slow movement through the air. Sid can fly right away, from "birth". As a rule, they fly with wings. Zoomorphs, for example, fly on animals, these are: stingrays, lions, dragons. Humans can also experience this chip, but they fly on weapons, swords. If sids fly from "birth", people and zoomorphs fly only after reaching level 30. The world is beautiful and exploring its heights is very... romantic. But the flight goes very slowly, thus spoiling a large part of the action, which the game lacks so much. Speaking of romance. You can fly not only alone, but with your girlfriend as well. On whom you can also marry later.

We are talking, of course, about a "live" player. Wedding-another chip. But it costs almost as much as an engagement ring in real life. The fact that you can get married, you can only buy in the "rarity shop" special sets of bride and groom. For real money. And these sets cost very impressive. In the same "shop of rarities" you can buy style - beautiful clothes on the character. Faster flying, funny emoticons, riding pets and all sorts of useful things for the game. Also you can create a clan and start taking over other players' territories or trade in such a cat on the street:

Battle system
The developers have worked well on the combat system. Skills are nice and varied. They are diverse both in appearance and in characteristics. These very skills you need to learn from the "teachers" that stand in each of the cities.

Perfect World has a very advanced social system and, no doubt, a beautiful world. It really can be "lived in". And the long pumping ensures that the player is "hooked" on the game. After a few nights want to "donate", that is, put money into the game account, and buy yourself some gadgets from the "store of rarities. Unfortunately, as a game Perfect World is very weak, there is no beautiful, epic battles with monsters, there is nothing special (my favorite adjective)
Conclusion: Perfect World is loved for its social system and beautiful world. My assessment of the game 4 out of 5 (It turns out:) pumping slow, and after one or two weeks of boredom game.
And what is your opinion?

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You have learned two more famous game. Issue by issue we will learn and understand why these games want to play, why they pull. I hope you enjoyed this issue.

In the next issue, you'll learn: why the gentleman who takes his girlfriends' naked body cards is so cute to everyone and... not sure what else is coming yet, but I'll try to grab something interesting. If you know this gentleman, write in the comments.

This is Artyom Genlokk with you. See you soon!
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