Easter Eggs or "secrets" in reviews:

An illustrated story about some of the hidden gimmicks and passchalks in the reviews.

Occasionally, in a video review or other video (such as "History Series") leave a "Easter egg" - a hidden message or a gimmick that not everyone will notice. First, because of the resolution (many users watch videos in low quality - where text gags turn into pixels). Secondly - purely because they can watch the video at that time and not look for extra hidden things in it.

And it's a special treat to accumulate a few of these passages (while knowing that not everyone noticed them), and then reveal the cards.

Easter Egg #1:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa game review!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity:

This secret is hidden in the credits, which pop up almost immediately after viewing, and therefore noticeable:

Yes, yes, since Andrei Makoveyev and I are in "A" in our passports, it was decided to write our names in the style of the game. The funny thing is that afterwards I looked in the "Credits" section, when the review had already been sent for publication, I found out that the developers... had also written their names! Wrote their names with multiple "AAAAAAAA!" as well. It was just downright AAAAAA!

Easter Egg #2:

Alice in Wonderland game review:

One of my favorite reviews is that since it's a well-moving game, it was fun to work on as well. So, at the beginning of the review, the video goes upside down.

But that's not the main thing - if you look closely at the StopGame emblem on the right, you'll notice: the standard "video review" inscription is absent, and instead it says "watch me". If you've read Alice in Wonderland or listened to the audio play based on it, you know what this is about.

There's another mini-passage in the review that's not so easy to mirror in static:
The StopGame emblem quietly leaves the frame in the finale. Exactly "goes away", not "disappears" or "dissolves". It works for the "slightly crazier" atmosphere:

Easter Egg #3:

The Splinter Cell Series Story: Part 1

Just a little gimmick hidden in the text - during the insert telling the story of writer Tom Clancy, the text emerges gradually, as if typewritten.

In the end, just before the transition to the "cranberry" story, an additional inscription appears, assuring that the animated text is good :]

Easter Egg #4The Story

of Splinter Cell Series: Part 2

And this Easter Egg grew out of a "defect" in the recording - either the voltage spiked or something, but a chunk of the phrase had a "click" to it. Since StopGame has high demands for the quality of their material, they had to do something about that. Here's what was done: just in this phrase was a video, in which a mercenary, wearing an electric visor, gets into a magnetic field and catches interference all over the screen.

An effect was superimposed on a bit of the phrase, changing the timbre slightly to "mechanical", and the SGTV logo moved out of frame for a second. This produced a great effect - the EMF beat seemed to get out of the game and reach into the video!

These, of course, are by no means all of the secrets. Further story about them, may well follow.

Thanks for your attention.
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