What kind of Pokémon is that?

Hi all. Recently, hopping from site to site, I jumped on an interesting site called "Akinator". And there lives on this site a magic genie, who is already nicknamed the Internet genius. And this genius guesses any puzzled character - from Cheburashka to 89th Pokemon - by asking the user a few questions. That's the site I'm going to write about today.

Starting with the question "Is your character real?", Akinator asks a few more leading questions, such as "Your character is female" or "Your character is Lithuanian". In the end, after a few questions, gives the correct answer in most cases.

On the main page you can see the most recently guessed characters.

If still akinator failed his job and did not guess your character, you can enter it in the database site. You can also expand the database of questions by adding your own.

I advise you to visit this site, I think you will stay on it for at least half an hour. And then you will surprise your friends with this site.


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