Going back to the gaming past or what it was like.... (following in the footsteps of nostalgic lives)

I would like to dive into the past a bit, to feel nostalgic for the happy times of childhood. I would like to remember how it all began, what games are more memorable, what were the difficulties and how we overcame them.

My childhood in gaming began with Atari console. I don't remember the exact name, but I well remember that the cartridge was an ordinary audio cassette. It was recorded a huge number of games. But it was impossible to choose anything. Rather randomly load one game in five, ten minutes, what was very disappointing, because we were given to play fifteen minutes. I don't remember any special games. I was about six years old. I remember a sandman, some sports games. But it's... it's very vague. So there's not much interest here and I can't even find any information on cassette decks on the internet. So let's move on.
Soon I said goodbye to the cassette player and after a while I got my first Dandy.

And with it came mortal, turtles, tanchiki, battle frogs, black cape, chip and dale, tom and jerry, prince of persia, contra and many, many more. Games were difficult to pass, a special master class was considered to pass the entire game without losing a single life. Then the bosses gave a light bulb, unlike today. Harsh child faces sweated, trembled weak arms, ready at any moment to crush the hated joystick into small trash. There is no such thing now. No matter who says what, but as a child there was excitement. Eyes burned, the game was unreal interesting to pass, and any achievement forced me to jump up to the ceiling. Special chic was the passage of a couple. Well, remember how you and your brother, friend, sister went through the same Chip and Dejala. And Fight Frogs? It's an all-time console classic.
But those same times have inexorably moved on. 8-bit consoles gradually lost their luster. People were buying Sega. Personally, I wasn't affected by it. I never had one. But on New Year's Day my brother and I, I do not even remember how many years ago we were given the first PlayStation. And the first game we saw was Need For Speed 2.

Our excitement was boundless. What a music, and even a whole clip with beautiful cars. After the Dendy intro, it was a huge hyper leap into space. PlayStation had a huge impact on my gaming outlook. From this console I was introduced to games like Lara Croft, Civilization, X-com, Need for speed, Ace Combat, Auto Destruct, Tekken 3, Abe odyssey, Crash Bandicut, Crock, Gran Turismo, Mortal Combat and a whole wagonload more. I can't even remember now.

Probably the brightest games were x-com ufo defence and terror from the deep. Because it was just the three of us. Me, my brother and my uncle. We shared different tactics with each other. What to study first, how to develop the base, when the final will come. How not to forget that submarine weapons do not work in the port and vice versa. Also of course played in the Civilization, there was even a heated debate on who will play today =) My personal favorite game in Lara series was Lara, I am a devoted fan and admirer of it. I even once wrote the walkthrough of The Last Revelation, won a contest and got 30 dollars for it. We had all the games from the very first part, but for some reason I remember the last revelation more. It had russian voice acting and all I remember now is that Lara hated tea.

Also really liked Ace Combat. I had a second and third parts and they were passed a few times on maximum difficulty. I remember in one mission I flew too low to the turret where the turret was, destroyed the cannon but bristled with my belly. The game thought I crashed and started showing replay from several cameras, but after a couple of seconds I was back in the sky. Now that was a funny and beautiful glitch.

Over time, the console began to refuse to read new discs. I had to invent various tactics. I had a boot disk of sorts. It was all scratched up, on purpose. When the splash screen appeared, I waited for 3 minutes, took out the disc, inserted the needed one, rebooted and the game that refused to load earlier went with a bang. True, this does not always help. Of this, I still can not pass Star Wars Episode II. The game lagged in the middle of the fifth mission, and went on no way, which was very frustrating.

Since then, it's been a decade. The game became more beautiful, more realistic, with professional voice acting, but something is missing. There is no certain vein. Apparently we have all become older and much more serious. But for some reason instead of playing super cool games many of us still play emulators, put NES games on phones and prefer to spend time with third-party heroes and Mortal's combos to the latest hits of the genre.

Do you remember the game play books? Called, I think, "All the game secrets. There were secret combinations, patches and a lot of useful information. Printed Stopgame =))

Next, of course, was computers. My first PC was a third Pentium 650 megahertz with 128 meters on board with a second GeForce and a 20 gigabyte disk. It's a different universe now. Its own story and I thought I wouldn't cover all the goodies of a PC childhood. There might be another post nostalgic for the days of starting PC gaming, if you were all that interested.

P.S Yeah, by the way, my first flatware is still alive and in working order. Vintage now.games, past, playstation, dendy Write a comment Total comments: 24


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