interactive digital app

Zippi, our next generation multilingual interactive digital entertainment application, is set to revolutionise digital lifestyles. Zippi is a one-stop entertainment platform that can be used across any internet-enabled device, including mobile handsets ranging from high-end smart phones and tablets to low-cost feature phones, giving consumers access to a host of rich media entertainment such as games, music, magazines, shopping, and many more.



PLAYe is a 3-IN-1 online-mobile-offline (OMO) platform that redefines the Asian play experience through curated content, on-demand concierge and interactive experiential centres. It allows you to browse through a wide range of games and merchandises. PLAYe also curates the latest community news, product previews and user reviews, delivering them right to your fingertips. An in-built push-to-talk function that further enhances consumer experience. Our PLAYe team can answer to any of your query 24/7!


app store

We provide businesses with the tool to expand their business into the digital commerce market through our white-labelled app stores. We feature rich and scalable app stores for businesses to build and manage their digital content ecosystem. Our app stores are optimised for compatibility across any internet-enabled device, be it high-end PC and smartphones or low-cost feature phones.

interactive digital app

Go beyond the typical chat apps with our enhanced communication services:

  • Connect with friends across different mobile platforms via text, voice, photo and video.

  • Be ahead of your peers with cooler technologies such as Encryption, Incognito, Super Block, Self-Destruct, Time Bomb, Time Warp, and more.

  • Break the language barrier and communicate with anyone through our in-built language translator
membership and rewards

Repeat customers are most valuable to any e-commerce business. As an added value for members on our platform, we also provide a unified loyalty system that rewards consumers on repeat usage and transactions within the ecosystem of our platforms.

e payment

Our payment platform serves as an aggregator for payment gateways to facilitate cashless transactions. Our platform also offers a secure e-wallet that allows consumers the convenience of storing credits for multiple payment purposes both online and via mobile.

With our sophisticated payment solution, businesses will have a safe and convenient platform that enables seamless billing, with the ability to connect to multiple payment gateways across the globe. Our systems also provide comprehensive reporting and analytics to help you monitor, assess and make the best decisions for your business.

e logistics

Last-mile delivery is often a major challenge for e-commerce players, especially when it comes to speed and cost of delivery. With our e-logistics platform and industry expertise, Corous360 aims to be the intelligence behind logistics, providing the most cost effective and efficient way for goods to reach their ultimate destination.