My StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty review

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Game Review

Expensive, solid, and tasteful. That would be the end of StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty review. But it was an evening, there was nothing to do, and I wrote a little more, so, anthara tasadar, dear readers of blogs on StopGame ru, sit down on a chair, hands in knees, ears on top of your head, eyes "interested". Here we go.

Everyone remember the "first" StarCraft? So the developers thought that everyone and therefore made the "second" just the same. They only embellished the graphics, made a stunning movie trailer and slightly adjusted the game's balance. In general, no one was left offended. Fans of the "first" Star Kraft more than happy. And for new players in the game, too, there is everything you need.
The protagonist of the game is Jim Raynor. He has problems with the government and so he sits in a bar all day, sipping whiskey and shooting at the heads of bureaucrats who are peacefully on the news on TV in the bar. But every once in a while, he goes out on the street to make another revolution. In the course of the game his character is revealed, little by little the past is revealed.
In fact, he looks a lot like Captain Shepard from Mass Effect. The only difference is that Jim is not dressed as glamorous, and the "choice" for it is much less. Here is an example of the choice of action, in the game is well, very rare:

The expensive nature of the game can be seen in everything. Rollers, menus, you can poke at everything, interesting, varied tasks in large numbers. And there are a lot of all sorts of goodies.
The cutscenes. The character art in these is amazing. Fingers competently touch the neck of the bottle, opening the lid. Disappointed eyes look so that you think a tear is going to fall from them. Realism is felt in every moment. All in all, Blizzard didn't skimp on the clips, and we always enjoy watching them. You can even revisit the reel by going to the "quest archive" on your ship.
You can do a lot of things on your own ship. Improve your units, buy new mercenary troops. Talk to the crew, play music on the player, watch TV news broadcast UNN, with their eloquent host and truthful reporter, even play the slot machine. Improvement of units is done with credits, which in turn we get for completing tasks. Improvements include, increasing damage, defense, fire spread (for flamethrowers) and other useful passive skills in units. Credits are given for completing tasks. Tasks are also selectable. No, they're all required, but in what order to do them is up to us to choose. Also, while studying other races, collecting their sights or killing their fattest representatives. We can learn additional skills. Such as the "bunker turret" and so forth.

Speaking of races. There are three of them here, as well as in the "first" StarCraft. Tyrants, Zerg and Protoss. The former are in general humans, the latter, Zerg, are a sort of insects from the movie "Alien" or "Star Troopers". And the protos resemble the droids from Star Wars. And really, they can recreate a barrier like, I can't remember who recreated in those very Star Wars. They differ quite significantly. Zerg take a swarm of a hundred or more units, Protoss are strong with aviation, and Tyrants with ground equipment. Skills are also different, but let's not talk about that. If you haven't played, we'll ignite your ardor.

Also during the game, we will meet different creatures, which we will take on board and be friends with them. One of them is Jim's friend, an ex-con who was released and imprisoned in a multi-ton suit, promising to release him when he fulfills all their whims. The name of this gentleman is Tychus. His character, like everyone else on board, will gradually be revealed. Of his quotes, one stands out to me: "He's not a normal bro.

The combat system in the game. Well, because it's a straightforward RTS, there's no point in telling much. In general, the key to victory is the proper distribution of classes of troops. For example, the crowds of Zerlings, you can easily burn a buggy with a flamethrower. "Helion. And the spikes, destroy the enemy infantry to the bone. And so, during the battle, properly arranging units and classes, we will win.
To build a unit we need a barracks. To build a barracks, we need minerals. And minerals are harvested by workers, KCM. Uh... I'm getting a little too deep here. Let's move on to something more inquisitive. Although I think I should be done with this review by now.
So, I hope you've played StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty. If not, get up from the chair, take your hands out of your knees and run to the corner store with sparkling eyes. Or tell me. I didn't say that.

Author's Score
5 out of 5. Everything is executed to perfection. Tasks are varied. The reals are realistic. The balance of the game is fine-tuned to the finest detail. These games come out every 10 years, so do not miss the opportunity to play it. starcraft 2 wings of liberty, starcraft 2, review, analysis, blizzard, zerg, tyrants, jim Write a comment Total comments: 43


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