Kane & Lynch 2: Dog days - Review

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog days - Dog bites

Genre: TPS
Multiplayer: Yes
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Publisher in Russia: Novy Disk
Minimum: 3 GHz, 1 GB, 512 MB GeForce 7800 or similar

Life of a Dog

I first heard about a couple of desperate thugs after I had passed and rewatched the Hitman series of games up and down. I wanted something similar to the adventures of the bald assassin that's already become a household name. And then I found out that IO Interactive has another game about assassins, though not bald (not counting the balding Lynch). Thus was my introduction to the ruthless mercenary Kane and the psychopathic assassin Lynch. The game didn't really move me in any way, except for the recognizable gameplay chips from Hitman and the presence of co-op (which was an innovation in gaming at the time). I was expecting the same effect from the new part of the game. And gosh, how glad I was to be disappointed in my expectations.


The story starts off in Shanghai. A city of cheap prostitutes and the mafia, as well as dog lovers as food (apparently hence the name Dog days).Now Lynch is the protagonist. But do not rush to stomp your feet fans mercenary Kane, so as to play for him, however, a little give. Lynch has acquired a girlfriend (who is not yet going to kill), and is fighting his mental problems with the methods of traditional medicine and pills. The sight of the now seriously aged and flabby killer certainly is frightening at first. The thought begins to swirl in your mind: "My God, can that bald guy with the belly of Homer Simpson still pull the trigger? But with time you realize that, no matter how much you want to forget a life full of killing and blood, you can't escape it, and live-target shooting skills don't just evaporate. Since honest labor is a little too much for Lynch, he makes a gun deal (which has yet to be pulled off), and out of old friendship drags Kane into it, who of course resists, as the sanest of the two friends, and for the tenth time promises himself and his daughter that this will be the last case. But Lynch convinces his friend with a phrase from the recent Ripper movie, "Do it for yourself, do it for the family." Such is the plot twist to the new adventures of the two brothers-in-arms.

Old age is no fun

As it turns out, getting older has not been good for our boys. Kane regularly has bouts of paranoia, and Lynch, without his pills, starts talking to himself and has bouts of hysteria. Even the gait of the heroes has changed, now they are waddling to their goal and after two minutes of running they already start panting and groaning senilely. They changed austere suits for shabby and crumpled clothes, and angry grin for the expression of a tired of life. Banks and industrial buildings were replaced by the dirty, crowded streets of Shanghai, and clearly planned actions were replaced by the madness of the screen.

Beauty or brutality? That's the question.

In order to at least slightly lower the game's age rating, publishers are now covering up the mutilation with embarrassing squares a la Sims. The graphics engine does not shine, but to brighten up this, the developers use a unique move. Now the narrative is conducted as if from an observer, filming the misadventures of our characters. Awkward camera angles are stylized for amateur shooting, and there is an accompanying artifact such as glare and stripes on the screen. It turns out that with our characters are now running some crazy man, shooting all the madness going on the camera (apparently, that would then put on the Internet). I can say that this move really brought the game to life. The game was surprisingly short, only from 6 to 10 hours of playing the game depending on the complexity. Apparently the developers were afraid of protracted plot. I want to scream, "Did it really take 3 YEARS to create such a short single player!?!". Still, this creepy fact was brightened up with varied gameplay and frequently changing scenery. Here you're sitting tied up in a chair and getting a stationery knife as torture, and the next moment you're running naked down a Shanghai street, shouting at people, "What are you staring at?" and calling the cops amateurs. The brutality, the blood, and the abundance of foul language is just endless.

The sound is ear-splitting.

The game came out fully voiced, and voiced, which is certainly nice, professionally. The actors seem to have a lot in common with the characters in the game, as they got into their roles 100%. The constant shouting of characters at each other during shootings (as there are few in-game cut-scenes, the storyline is served like an action), hysterics and filthy mat (and 70% of conversations in the game are mat) make even those who are on the other side of the screen nervous and panicky.

Shooting practice

What pleased me is that they made a competent artificial intelligence of the enemy. Finally made so that the enemies ceased to be targets for shooting, and learned to take cover from the fire, and so well that sometimes you have to forge them out from behind cover for a long time. But they are delayed in their reaction for a split second if you go into their back, which gives quite a strong tactical advantage. However, if the moment is missed they will quickly figure out what is what and will start shooting in different directions. There are enough types and models of opponents in the game, but belonging to this or that military organization almost does not affect their survivability (whether it is a simple bandit wearing a T-shirt or a military commando equipped with bulletproof vest). Finally was removed very inconvenient element as an order to the companion, now all caught up with the scripts. Types of punishing swords of justice are now six. These are shotguns, automatic pistols, machine guns, machine guns, and occasionally we are given to shoot with a sniper rifle. And not squeamish and our native trunks in the form of indispensable Ak-74 and modified AKS. Now we do not need adrenaline shot in the heart to survive, and the partner became immortal. Now, when getting a critical amount of bullets Lynch topples over to the ground, and a blinking button offers to retreat in a safe direction. And shelters are no longer as safe as they were in the first part.

Brothers in Arms

In terms of online play, everything is fine here. The game has co-op playthrough and four modes of play outside of the story. About the co-op playthrough, I won't repeat how much more engaging it makes the game and, in some cases, can make you replay the game multiple times. But due to the campaign of Kane and Lynch's brevity, there is a feeling that the game was developed for the co-op, and by comparison, even in the new chapter of Fisher's adventures Conviction the co-op campaign was a lot longer, and the single player campaign lasted even longer. Also the familiar for the first part mode is waiting, where four of us are invited to rob the bank. Yes, yes, the sneaky treachery and intrigue did not disappear from the online battles. And plus 3 variations of the same mode.

That's where the dog's at.

As a result, a fast, cheerful and interesting action movie with the cameraman running after the main characters and the psychopath's love shenanigans came out. We got a game that talks about the importance of family and the fact that you can get stabbed in the back by the person you least expect it from. Got some good old-fashioned third-person action with a minimum of new, but maximum suspense. The only thing I can say against this game - for the terrifyingly short single player campaign. Let it take a couple of gigabytes more on your hard drive and come out in the fall, but it would only benefit the game. In any case, if the online battles won't attract you, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog days will still give you up to 10 hours of a great time and take a rightful place on your gaming shelf. Rejoice, the creepy couple is back with us.

Author's Score:
Gameplay: 8.5.
Graphics: 7.5
Sound and Music: 8.5
Interface and controls: 7.5


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