Crazy Rabbits Go Home - Review

Rabbids Go Home - To the moon or bust

Title: Rabbids Go Home
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Publisher in Russia: Buka Entertainment
Date of Release: November 1, 2009
Russian release date: August 12, 2010
Minimum: 2.5GHz, 2GB, NVIDIA GeForce 8-series or equivalentThe Third


Back in 2006, we first saw these funny-eared clown...... rabbits in the game Rayman Raving Rabbids. There they acted as minor characters, but were so beloved by the players that in the next part, which appeared a year later and had a very obvious name Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, rabid rabbits became full-fledged heroes (although Rayman was still present in their toothy brethren). Unfortunately in the finished version we only saw a brutal trim in the form of 16 mini-games that were passed in one evening, and bored us terribly quickly. The second part of the rabbits was deprived of the earliest villains editor (which the consoles were not deprived of), and a coherent storyline. There was only the beginning, the rabbits decided to enslave the world. Yes, they certainly caused a laugh, but the credit for it was only rabbits, and the game was madly simple, and after one or two walkthroughs you can throw the disc on the shelf and further dust, where it belonged. My indignation had no limits. The only thing was nice, that the game was released on the PS only in Russia (apparently rabbits are not indifferent to us).

Chasing trash

Do you remember Bugs Bunny from the cartoons Looney Tunes? This rabbit even then managed to make us laugh to the point of colic in the stomach and he was even allowed to talk sometimes. Mad Rabbits has surpassed its earlier counterpart (though undoubtedly are its descendants). The humor in the game hinges on their sly, crazy, and cute antics. They don't even need words to make us laugh. Possessing facial expressions no worse than the famous Jim Carrey, and childlike, naive silliness these cute but sly creatures manage to make me laugh every five minutes as hysterically as they do. We all have a child inside of us forever, and the bunnies make us sing and dance with delight.

And what do we want? Just a litter mountain to the moon.

For the first time in the history of rabbits the game has a coherent plot!!! It tells the story that by mistake the rabbits began to think that their home is on the moon and knowing from the commercials that came out to promote the game, the most elaborate ways to get to the moon ended in complete failure. So, after trying all the options, the rabbits decide to build a ladder to the moon out of a large pile of garbage, which, as it turns out, people have more than enough of (the recycling program is still not working as it should). But since the rabbits have very vague notions of garbage, they start picking up everything that's bad (including cows, cars, and humans along with a ventilator). The rabbit fraternity equips two rabbits (with one of them wearing a thong, apparently a hint that the rabbits aren't same-sex after all) to commit these petty crimes, on a supermarket shopping trolley. One of them pushes the cart, and knows how to accelerate so that the heels sparkle (while making funny sounds, like children playing cars: "broom-broom-broom-broom-boom"), and the other sits in the cart and picks up all the trash, which comes across his hand. Also, the second rabbit has a special feature in the form of a famous bunny cry Bwaaaaa, which we recognize even with our eyes closed. This shout smashes obstacles, tears people's clothes off and stuns opponents. And as the opponents are vicious dogs, and, as I call them "rabbit-terminators" - big guys in rubber suits, that pouting, attacking rabbits.

Rabbids flying to the moon and back

The game features 16 levels, each of which takes an average of half an hour to complete (which is many times better than the second part). The good news is that these are not the same mini-games that take 5 minutes to complete, but full missions with mini-games in the levels themselves, but only on the hodgepodge of junk. The end goal is of course always the same, is to collect as much trash as possible and at the end grab some big thing and flush it down the toilet!!! Yes - yes all the trash we tossed at the end of the level in the toilet, accompanied by a rabbit orchestra, while the camera starts to behave as if the operator had a seizure of epilepsy, and the madness, what is happening on the screen, reaches its climax. The developers decided to pamper us with a variety of gaming situations. Each level is fundamentally different from the other. In one level we are chasing supermarket, scaring away the customers, in the next one we are playing cross-country race after fat cow. There are almost no identical levels, so the game tries hard not to bore us. As a bonus we are given funny prehistory clips at the beginning of levels, which already makes you smile. Inside the levels there are also short inserts of bantering rabbits over this or that object, and at the end of some quests we are waited by the victory video about what happens with the things after they are stolen.

The evil rabbit will find you.

I can't say anything about the graphics engine, because its name is a mystery to the developers. Personally, I have not found any information about it, although searched everything you can. But it begs only one word looking at the graphics - "nice. This polu - cartoon graphics are made just as it should be in a game of this genre. And in the first, apparently because of the fact that the rabbits are now "cooperate" with humans, the game has a voiceover. And just as the entire game is filled with scintillating humor. The soundtrack is beyond praise. In addition to bunnies playing funny trumpet tunes, the speakers are filled with remixes of songs from the 60s-80s (sorry for the selfishness, but it's my favorite time of music). And the controls are simple and intuitive. It feels like you're playing a children's arcade race. There is no multiplayer in the game, and with these words some will breathe a sigh of relief, and some with disappointment. We can't say that everyone enjoyed the multiplayer in previous games, and in fact it's not so necessary here.

And everyone cried "BWAAAAAAA!!!".

So, we got a fairly high quality game about our favorite rabid rabbits. There's no Rayman in the game, and that means that the rabbits have become completely independent characters in the series and can now do whatever they want. The game is full of fun, crazy, and painfully simple humor that we miss so much in life. Yeah, maybe we didn't get the full version of what WII gamers got, but it's still nice to know that they still care about us Pkshnikovs. Hopefully in the future we'll have equivalent versions of the game to consoles, and steps have already been taken towards that. The only "foo" I could give to the developers was the fact that it was released on Pc a year after it came out on Wii, which is admirable, but a year to port that game is something you have to have either a little free time or 3 employees (thanks to Ubisoft). And I still wouldn't recommend it to someone who has absolutely no sense of humor. However, if it's true what they say, that laughter prolongs life then, playing Rabbids Go Home, you will prolong your life by at least 5 years. And one day, I hope so, these white and furry creatures will make us immortal. And whether the big-eared junk collectors made it to the moon, you'll only find out at the end of the game. Good luck!!!

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and controls:8.5General
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