Famous Games. The Witcher

Famous Games. The Witcher

Recently, my friend and I were having a discussion. He said: "Borderlands has lousy graphics, no storyline and long customization process that kills me. Who gave him the title "Best Game of 2009" doesn't understand anything about games". I told him, "It's you do not understand the games, you need only realism, but in the games from the beginning made the emphasis on gameplay. "That's what you should honor, go play your Mass Effect. Then he called Sid Meyer a moron and our conversation lasted for 1 hour 58 minutes on Skype. Unfortunately, we didn't come to the conclusion that everyone has different tastes, we came to the conclusion that some of us have no taste at all. Here's me wondering, like in games, can there be different tastes or are there people with and without taste.
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We'll dispense with the Game Introduction this time. Our guest doesn't need it.
The Witcher - White Wolf is a woman-lover.

Title in Russian: The Witcher
Genre: RPG
Developer: CD Project RED

Game analysis
In 2007, CD Project RED released a game called The Witcher. The project took a long time to be created, so the final result amazed everyone. The game had a huge world, that we could change as far as we were guided by our principles. We played as Heralt of Rivia, the witch doctor. The witches in the game, are brutal monster hunters. Who pass the "test of herbs" and if they survive, they become even more brutal than before and survivable. Geralt had lost his memory during the war and now had to remember everything that had happened to him. It must be said that this very memory of everything in the game was not very intelligently released. Just in the course of the game we meet the characters that we once knew, and they tell us how we met them, how we parted and stuff like that. But it's good for the player. And really you can feel like a witch, who has lost his memory and explore the world, with the character does not know more than us.

For the first minutes of the game, we notice how well the cut-scenes are staged. Characters move realistically during dialogue, wield their swords competently during combat. Geralt wields his sword competently as well. The combat system in the game is also realistic, our ward twists and turns his sword in different directions, beautifully hitting the enemy. And sometimes he gives a finishing fatality. But it is not only the sword that can hack your enemies. There are signs that can be helpful and we learn them as we approach the altars. Which, in turn, are located in different locations in different places. Using them we can throw the enemy back, burn him, and do a lot of other things. Some sort of tactics in the game is also present. Geralt has several stances available, each of them for a particular enemy, for example, a group stance should be used when Geralt is attacked by more than two enemies. And if it is used against big and fat enemies, then you simply won't hit them. Weapons in the game do not offer the same variety. Geralt can carry steel sword, which perfectly chops "men" and silver sword, which is strong against all kinds of monsters. Well, there are still in the game different kinds of axes and daggers, but to use them makes no sense.

Also a lot of important role is played by the choice. What should Geralt do? Give boxes of weapons, food and drugs "non-humans" who have wounded and sick congeners in such need. They are often caught in the act of revenge, and the only possible way to escape is to fight for their lives. Well, let us suppose we have chosen the first option. Everything seemed to end well, only the owner of the boxes scolded us a little. But when we get to the town's tavern, we find out that the local drug dealer was killed by the very arrows that were in the crates. We'll have to look elsewhere for drugs to bribe the guard at the prison with. And these choices will haunt us throughout the game. They are interesting and their consequences are unpredictable. The social part of the game also paid a lot of attention to the relations between characters. One day our friends will invite us to a tavern, where they will discuss the relationship between us, Heralt and Triss, his girlfriend. There are more than enough girlfriends in the game and with each of them we can have a loving relationship. And even for those very relationships we will be given cards like this:

Everything would be fine, but the plot is not good. First, our house is attacked, then we look for those who attacked, and we look for them almost throughout the game. And why we do it, it is not clear. Towards the end of the storyline, the storyline becomes a complete load of crap. We ran into a madman who is there for sorcery and soporific us, showed the dream, which seemed to have the whole world frozen. Not once in the game did not say anything about it. Unpredictable is not called. As the whole game we did one thing, and at the end we are given something completely different. Impressions of the ending are spoiled at a time. In any tavern, we can take part in melee fights for money or play poker dice. Geralt can also learn to brew a variety of potions that give a variety of baffles, such as increased life regeneration, night vision, and more. Upgrading in the game is also available, raising the level, we can, sitting around a fire, improve the characteristics of Geralt, strength, dexterity ... in general, see for yourself:

The game from CD Project RED turned out to be the "Best Game of 2007" and it still hasn't even sagged at any point. If you haven't played The Witcher, you should rush for the "Gold Edition", by the way, it has new 5 chapters. But either they are not friendly with Windows 7, or with the new graphics cards, character models are not displayed correctly, or rather visible only to the eyes and language.
Assessment of the author
My estimation of the game: 5 out of 5, the minus is that there is a storyline "not very" and in one location we spend a lot of time and they are small and manage to get tired. Everything.
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