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Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Headshot guaranteed

Genre: Action
Multiplayer: Yes
Developer: City Interactive
Publisher: City Interactive
Publisher in Russia: Novy Disk
Date of Release: June 29, 2010
Russian release date: July 15, 2010
Game sites:
Minimum: 3.2GHz, 1GB, 256MB video
Recommended: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, 2 GB, 512 MB videoWaiting

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We've been waiting for 5 years for something like Sniper Elite to come out. I'll never forget the sweet feeling of watching a bullet fly by and shooting a Kraut in the head. And of course I was thrilled with the news that a new sniper shooter comes out. The opportunity to once again take my rifle and stuff enemy bullets up to the bells and whistles filled me with ecstasy. Justified my hopes and expectations we will consider in a detailed review of Sniper: Ghost warrior.

Aspiration is half the success

Developed the game team called City Interactive. Who can guess what toys developed studio? That's right, City Interactive is the creator of such thrash - thriller series like Battlestrike and Code of Honor. Avid gamers are likely to sit with their eyes wide open in surprise. To be honest, when I saw the game's development team on my favorite sniper theme I almost started tearing my hair out. But the most interesting thing yet awaited me ahead.

The plot is basic.

It takes place in the fictional country of Isla Trueno, where the government was seized by bad military men (apparently the development team were antimilitarists). After that, a little digging in the bowels of their homeland, the military found vast deposits of uranium, and do not what would bungle a nuclear warhead, are going to give (not for nothing, of course) uranium to those who pay more. Naturally, terrorists have the most money. Naturally, the USA could not calmly watch the distribution of uranium, which may be used against them, and sent a specialist in covert operations and some of his friends to the rear of the enemy.

Looking at such beauty, it is not a shame to die.

The game used Chrome Engine 4, that is also used in the Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood game. Yes, it could promise us the quality graphics and acceptable physics, but in practice it looks much worse. The jungle itself looks very nice, but as soon as we get into the bushes we feel that we pass through them like a knife through butter, and the bushes don't even pay attention to us. Weapons are made of plastic (apparently it's cheaper). Newtonian physics is present only if you kill the enemy with a grenade, which flies along an incomprehensible trajectory. Lauded plausible trajectory of the bullet flight (taking into account gravity and wind) works somehow and comes down to the fact that the player has to aim not at the crosshair sight and a small red dot that floats at the bottom of the sight and shows where the bullet will fly.


The game features different types of sniper rifles, melee weapons (in the form of bayonet and throwing daggers) and grenades. As well as a hook-cat, with which you can take a more advantageous position (but to use it properly, we will not give). In total, there are four types of sniper rifles in the game: AS50, MSG90, SR-25 and SVD. But the difference in ballistics and velocity you can not notice (as they say, "change the bastard for a bastard").


About the artificial intelligence, I can say one thing, the devils from Overlorda it was much more. Opponents have blindness to chicken but incredible intuition (otherwise how can you explain the sniper settled in the bushes, the enemy sees at a range of about 200 meters), as well as a hidden system (implanted apparently in the brain and transmits the ultrasound) system of communication. If you are spotted by one person, in a second everyone in the vicinity will know your location. Military learned from the Russian Special Forces and can now hit accurately with a "kalash" better than you can professional sniper.

Mission: Impossible

The game has several types of missions. There will be both night and day, one you must pass so that you have not been seen and the other is allowed to fire on everyone. There will be several missions where you will be able to put away your sniper rifle, pick up an M-16 and hit the horns of enemies in the style of Call of Duty (excellent diversity gamley). I forgot to say open spaces here are not a lot, the game is corridor in nature.

Note:There are some chicken-snitchers in the game. These evil patriotic creatures at your approach start clucking violently, than discover your dislocation.

And in the end...

As a result, we received a good passable first-person shooter, with a poor sniper in the title role, even the hens are hostile to it. With Call of Duty and Sniper Elite overtones. With stiff enemy intelligence and even harder physics.Taking into account what the games were coming out at City Interactive, Sniper: Ghost warrior is a definite step forward, and who knows, maybe in five years we will get a game that will touch us to the core. But despite everything and due to the fact that there will be similar games at least another year, I am sure that Sniper: Ghost warrior will drag you away for a couple of evenings for the opportunity to watch a beautifully made "headshot" (after all, there's no fish to fry).

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: 6.0Sound
and music: 5.5Interface
and controls: 6.5General
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