StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Overview

StarCraft 2 - Do you wanna piece of me, boy?

Genre: RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Release Date: July 27, 2010

Developer/Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher in Russia: 1C

Surely not everyone is familiar with the reason for the wide popularity of the first part of this game. It was an innovative strategy, with a fine-tuned balance. There were 3 races: Protoss, Terrans, Zerg. Playing with any of them you could defeat an opponent belonging to another race. The winning factors were the amount of your gray matter and your ability to quickly click on hotkeys, demonstrating wonders of micro-control. Yet this truth is only true for internet battles, which were actively held until the release of StarCraft 2. Tournaments were held too, regularly, for 11 years, again until the release of today's guy.
But undeservedly forgetting about the plot of the first part, we literally take away the most tidbit (well, or almost) piece. The basic idea was that there was a sudden attack by an alien infestation called the Zerg. This threat was sweeping away everything in its path, and of course, it made its way to the planet Mar-Sara, where one of the main characters, Jim Raynon, resided. A former outlaw now serving as sheriff on a desolate and isolated planet. As the result, he has to defend himself, causing a popular uprising and destroying Confederate buildings infected with the Zerg virus. The Confederacy responds by naming Reynon a criminal and hunting him down.

Jim's ally is Arcturus Mengsk, leader of the Sons of Corhall, a terrorist group that rebels against the tyrannical regime of the Confederacy. Aiding Arcturus was Sarah Kerrigan, who was later to become the leader of the Zerg.

The Sons were driven by the knowledge that the Confederacy had caused the Zerg to dispose of unwanted planets through the installation of psi emitters. But then everything went wrong-an unknown race of Protoss appeared. They burned out the entire Zerg-populated planet and vanished just as suddenly as they'd appeared.

After a series of incidents, Arcturus allowed ambition and greed to prevail over justice. Forced his men to paint the ill-fated psi emitter, set it on the planet's capital of the Confederacy. Ordered Sara to protect the machine from the Protoss, later leaving her for dead, indirectly contributing to the creation of the unusual Zerg, the Queen of Blades. And omitting the most epic part of the plot, not to spite you as you might think (and how could you even think that?!?!?!1!1), the Queen of Blades became the head of the swarm, replacing the slain Overmind. Well, now, to fully get into what's what, run to wikipedia! In the meantime, we'll move on to the story of the second part of Blizzard's great brainchild.
Drunken Revolutionary.

The action begins in a banal bar, when the protagonist, this time not a nameless commander, but the very same Jim Raynon, is sipping whiskey.

The Confederacy has been destroyed. But in its place the Dominion emerged, which was essentially no different from the same Confederacy. Except for the flags. Flaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Erm...Ahem...Aha! Jim, of course, found himself opposed to such a regime, and became a rebel again. With a movement with an incredibly original name, the Raynon Raiders. Remembering the fallen, in a sense, Sarah, Jim decides to strike the first blow against the Dominion. And literally in the next mission, Tychus shows up, a former partner in crime, and business partner in this part of the game. He comes not just to visit, to see, but to suggest that Jim begin the hunt for the artifacts that the Dominion is so fiercely searching for.

After Jim and Tychus' successful operation, the second Zerg invasion begins (to understand when the first one ended, it was when Sarah Kerrigan overpowered the Zerg). The Dominion refuses to help the colonists on distant planets. Everyone panics and asks for help. And Jim helps them (it would seem, why would we want that?), and they, in return, offer him information about those very artifacts. Yes, and on top of that the universe is threatened again, even Zerg(!), which is a momentary threat.

But in order not to reveal what it ended there, we will only say that the storyline is strongly related to the colonists' missions and pursuit of artifacts, as they will be a decisive force in passing the game. And yet, in addition to them there will be side quests. They bring a variety of bonuses in the form of new units (units), or credits and research points, which we will talk about below.

And the chic phrase: "Try and find me first, you son of a bitch!
In general, the gameplay of strategies of this kind (with a full base) is not very diverse. This is where Blizzard's skills come into play. The same almost all missions are arranged not just "Blow the hell out". Rather, the enemy is there for the background screen saver that the game did not seem like honey. There will be tasks such as, for example, stealing gas from the protoss. And it would seem trivial gas? No, a special one called "Breath of the Gods". The name implies how many Protoss are guarding it. Or to collect 8,000 resources from a mineral-rich planet. Simple? Yeah, as simple as that! The planet is volcanic and unstable. There's lava rising every 4 minutes, which, as you know, is no use to our little soldiers. Yes, and the enemy presses on, because of this have to spend some of the loot.

Main villain number 1.

In the next moment we replay the scene from the horror movies, when the hellish hordes of infected colonists pounce on us at night. During the daytime, when they are burnt by ultraviolet light, we run at full speed to destroy infected settlements, which somehow reduce the danger of the enemy's onslaught. It seems interesting, but there are also trivial missions to destroy everything to... er... just destroy every last brick. But there are missions where this seemingly incredibly trivial affair is also provided in a slightly unconventional way. You're given a super-powered combat unit, and 4 bases. Have fun as you can! After all, in the territory of these bases are some buildings, which we need to seize. And we must safely prepare the ground for their successful capture. For all the fun with the robot we have 3 minutes. After that you are given a base, and the task to deal with what has not had time to destroy. Get out, as you want! Buildings still need to capture.

But as you go through will be more swift opponents, and, consequently, need more powerful weapons, coupled with new technologies. That's where credits with upgrade points are needed. Money (credits) is used to buy and implement the upgrades that are offered to us by a character named Swann. The upgrades apply to all possible units. But buildings can also be upgraded, it's already to research points. For example, by developing Protoss technology you can increase gas production, and moreover, bring it to automatism. Developing Zerg technologies it'll be possible to create several new units, and at the end of the game to create the Hive Mind Emulator. But you will always have to choose, as at a certain stage of discovery there are two studies.

But how to mine these development components?

Black-and-white movie =.

There will be bonuses for each task you complete. Both credits and these research points. For example, your task is to rob a train, for that you'll get credits, but on the same level there are 3 rare zerg skeletons, for that you'll get research points.

Tasks of course, but there is also another way to get those or other development points (Zerg, Protoss). At certain points in the game you will be given a choice of what to do. For example, the settlers who survived the contamination of their planet by the Zerg virus have colonized a new planet - Pacific Harbor. But suddenly the connection is lost, and flying up to the planet they discover that the Protoss have blocked it. Out of old friendship, we contact them. It turns out that the lovely doctor who asked to help them hasn't considered the possibility that the surviving settlers are infected as well. And there's a tough moral choice - blow the whole damn thing to hell, or rely on this half-wit again, and let her try to invent a cure, from an incurable (!) Virus. But why is it a HARD choice?
The characters are worked out down to the smallest detail. For those 3 tasks that the doctor will be with you, she has time to get bored, and it will be hard to refuse her. Unfolding is also possible outside of the missions, when they give us a wander around the ship. You can go to the bridge and start the mission, or you can go to the lab, read a couple of comments about the samples Stetman (our resident scientist). Or go to Swann's, in the armory. Talking to that gnome-shaped guy is a pleasure. Oh, and the clips that are inserted between missions are so good that it's time to put a movie on them. And it should be noted, they're all on the game engine.

The final mission. At moments like this I want to rip and tear, the denouement was so close!

Technical Kick.

The sound in the game is decent, a lot of voiced details that fit just right. What the cybernetic swagger of the Protoss is worth. Also the main feature of Blizzard's strategies didn't disappear - the longer you poke a unit, the quicker it gives out a phrase. Unfortunately, due to censorship restrictions can not say, for example, one of the phrases of an infantryman. But, for example, a medic easily says "See you in chats ;)".

Graphics for the genre is very nice. It takes not how much technology as much gamma and style of figure. All done in cartoon-serious style. And it doesn't piss off the eyes like some in World of Warcraft games. The golden mean, with permission.

A game with a powerful story is usually not dependent on multiplayer, but here it is still a significant piece. The first thing that catches the eye is the absence of some units from the single player game. This is probably done in the name of maintaining the balance of the game. There are new units, as in both game modes. Calculation of the tactics now not only based on the race and the first moves of the enemy, but also on the calculation of the landscape and location of bases. Some tactics from StarCraft are now relevant. The main and most significant factor remains the ability to micro-control (control of the economic part of the keyboard (construction, training)), the speed of development. In principle, all skills will develop automatically, it is even possible that soon you will control intuitively.

Author's opinion:

Here is this game will kill as much free time as you have. For it is addictive. But also it can easily get annoyed with the behavior of the players on the field, who, for example, will mockingly shoot your slaves. Also in the game there is replayability and an archive of quests. The first is always a pleasure, the second makes the passage more selective, and the clips are saved. Oh, and what an ending!

In general, in order to avoid a total brawl in the comments, I would like to exclude the assessment, but where without it?

Graphics: 8.5
Sound and Music: 9.0
Gameplay: 9.0
Plot: 10
Interface and controls: 9.0
Overall score: 9.0
Yes and that's probably all there is to say about the sequel to a game that has set the genre's direction for many years to come. A worthy sequel that few can be made to sit on the sidelines, although it may scare off some of the financial overkill. Like, for example, subscribing to multiplayer battles. But overall, the game as a product is good. It won't spoil the impression with some annoying misdeeds of the developers, so we'll end it right here. And next time I will tell you about Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days game. Bye everyone!

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