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In the world of computer games there are a lot of genres and directions, but I would like to pay attention to the products of game industry, that have a full freedom of action. Unfortunately, there are not so many games with this freedom in the gaming world, as we want, but only because these games are developed much longer than others, their graphical shell is not very attractive and there are a lot of other little things. But still we are grateful to the developers for such games.

The first part of my blog I decided to devote more freedom to a game in which more ... I do not know ... Well, more than the hair on the crotch of Bigfoot :)

X3:Terran Conflict.

In the X universe so much that I do not even know where to start ...
Let's start from the beginning: It all started from the very moment when the craftsmen from Egosoft released a wonderful space simulator X: Beyond the Frontier. The public accepted the unusual style of the game and soon the X-Tension add-on was released. This is how the story of X universe was born.
Then X2: The Threat was released. The sequel differs from the original one only by the fact, that there are a lot of new locations and vehicles.
In 2005, Egosoft released the 3rd part of the X-universe story called X3: Reunion, and three years later the official X3:Terran Conflict add-on came out.
You'll probably want to ask me: Why am I going to describe not the original, but the add-on? Yes, because in fact it is the same, but added a couple of new locations and stories, redesigned the control system and improved graphics. But more about that later. So here's a little bit about the plot: The plot in Terran Conflict begins where the Reunion storyline ended. Gates between the X-Universe and the solar system are open again, the race of earthlings is found, Hak attacks were repelled thanks to the same earthlings and it seems to be the calm and the good, but it's not so... Well, we'll play for a young girl, an earthling pilot, who is given an important mission: to investigate the involvement of argons in attacks of terraformers (xenons) on the earthling sector. The plot, of course, doesn't sparkle with originality,
but it's not that important here. The narrative component of the game is only needed here to push the player, with the completion of the tasks the player will accrue credits and rank, which in turn is very important for the game. For example, if we select a storyless game, we get some half-dead ship and a measly 1000 credits.

Now, as for the gameplay. The gameplay in the game is pretty good and well designed. The game has a lot of options and directions to develop. In the X universe you can become anything you want and not necessarily a single person, you can be a merchant and build your own intergalactic trading company, or you can be a brave warrior fighting against aggressors. Tired of being a goody-goody? Become a great pirate!
Let the whole universe shudder in terror at your name. Or maybe you just yearn to explore new worlds, travel, and understand the mysteries of the universe? No one will forbid you to do that! As written above, you can not be limited to one thing you can zadeadeyat pirate, or a warrior explorer, in short, the choice is yours. In X3 transition between locations is interesting, to go to another location you need to fly through special gates. As for the graphics, it's pretty cool, nice looking spaceships and stations, amazing textures of planets, nicely made nebulae, and they are in the game just n quantity, in general, you can believe that you are in real space. The sound is also not the worst: nice and soothing soundtrack, calms you down after long battles, although the sound of blasters and explosions is not on high, but it does not suck. The game also has a very good artificial intelligence. All non-playable characters that fly in and out of the game do whatever they want: trade, fight, just explore space, help you in battles or point the right way to the shipyard, etc. Management also can give a little attention: in X3:Reunion the joystick control was adjusted more for joystick, which caused discomfort when using the keyboard and mouse. And in Terran Conflict the developers focused on keyboard-mouse control, that caused outrage of the fans of the series, but only because of the fact that the control became not quite familiar.

Now about the economy. The game for the currency are the so-called credits, which are not so easy to get. If you are a warrior or researcher, you'll have to make some money too tight. To earn some money you need to kill enemy foes in allied sectors and you'll get paid, but the problem is, before you get paid, you need to buy police licence, and to buy it you need money and respect amongst races, from which you're going to buy licence. And to earn respect you have to kill those same enemy foes.
You can certainly live off the loot that falls from the enemies, but falls he is not very often and not very expensive, it's rare when the enemy evacuates his ship and it (ship) can be taken away, and then sell it to the shipyard. Ejected enemies can be taken prisoner, but for this you need life support system, which you need to buy.
So in this way the developers have calculated everything very well, that is, you do not need to only deal with one war with the Haaks, xenons, pirates, and who else there is a gop-stop, still need to devote a lot of time to trade. And it is built on the principle that you can not find the gold mine, the price of goods in the game change depending on how much product is left at the station. So you constantly need to twist and think. But when you earned a lot of money, or hacked through ArtMoney you can buy and build your first station! In order to do this you'll need to gain respect among the races you're going to buy the station from, a ship with an extra-large cargo bay and some money.
There's a large selection of stations to suit all tastes and pockets. There's the solar power stations that produce energy, and you'll have to place them in the sectors that get a lot of sunlight. There are farms for the production of animal fish, etc. And the stations can be placed anywhere, and if necessary, with the help of nodes to connect into one complex.
In short, the game is not stingy either on the station or the ships. Speaking of ships: The game is just an incredible pile of space units, different species, purpose, characteristics, size, etc. Ships can be modified. Ships are not equipped with a permanent weapon.
By the way you can not fly alone! I'm not talking about the cooperative, the game is unfortunately absent. I mean you can buy a bunch of ships, as long as credits do not run out, give them all the protection and they will fly with you and protect you if necessary.
As you already know there are a variety of races in the game. Here are some of them:
Argonians - Ordinary people from the colony of Argon.
Tarrans - Same eggs in profile.
Splits - Something that looks like fried shit in iron scavanders resembling cages.
Borons - Their culture is somewhat reminiscent of that of the sea, and they look like reptiles themselves. Even their ships are called jellyfish, octopus, etc.
The Telladis are a lot of money, and I have to admit, a lot of money. In short the prototype of the Earth Jews.
(persons of Jewish nationality I beg not to be offended because Jews I call only the Pro-Bargarians)
Paranides - their culture with something similar to the Greek, themselves resemble Shrek.
There are also.
Haaki - mega villains that never come into contact, attack first and have powerful ships. So if you see them sprazas foot in hand and go as far away, lisbih to escape from them.
Xenos (Theraformers) are not as strong as the Khaki but are quite difficult to defeat.
Humans created them, they're also known as the Absolute Artificial Intelligence.
And the pirates aren't exactly a race, they're a composite of other races.

So let's recap:

Great graphics, well-developed and diverse locations, awesome atmosphere, great soundtrack, complete freedom of action, good combat and trading system, user-friendly controls, a huge open world, a great many ships and stations and commendable AI.

Again complete freedom: at first you just don't know what's required of you or what to do.
In the early versions of the game were a lot of bugs only starting with patch 2.5 bugs became much less and they are much less common, the absence of the game over the internet or at least the network, in a game like this multiplayer is a must!

I think this game deserves a 4/5 rating.


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