The most effective game characters

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In this blog, I will dedicate my story to the top ten heroes of the gaming industry!
So let's begin:

Number 10. Agent 47 - Hitman

A hero and an anti-hero at the same time - this combination has generated a lot of interest from the audience. While the vast majority of heroes save the world, Agent 47 quietly does his dirty work. Professionalism and equanimity are the assassin's main virtues. But neither these qualities nor the barcode on the back of his head make Agent 47's image look hollow.

9th Place.Dante- Devil May Cry.

A dude, a poser, and a part-time demon hunter. You could say that Dante is an empowered representative of the badass anime character image in the video game space. Everything he does, he does in style, even if he has to die to do it. The demon blood coursing through his veins allows him to pull this trick off more often than usual. Calm, confident, and sarcastic, that's Dante.

Rank 8. Altair.

Yeah, yeah. That's him. What do you associate with the name Altair? Personally, I immediately think of Assassin's Creed.
If the developers began to develop it, it would probably be better known.

7th place. Prince - Prince of Persia.

This poor guy is still walking around anonymous, although he became famous not, of course, this amusing fact of his biography, but the fact that he brought the oriental flavor to the game world. The brutality in this image was added relatively recently, however, preserving the basis: nimble merry man of eastern fairy tales is rough, but has not lost its former cunning, which prefers to contrast the brute force of straightforward enemies.

6th place. Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem

In a way, this is the benchmark for brutality. A concentrated image of a tough guy, ready to bend any villain into a crescendo. Dark glasses, a cigar and a huge gun - for a very long time, this was enough to stop any threat to defenseless humanity. Rumor has it that soon this character will once again march victoriously through the crowds of foes.

5th place. Marcus Fenix (gears of war)

This brutal jock is remembered for his gaze, build, and large cannon. Nothing more to say about him!

4th place. Lara Croft (Lara Croft) - Tomb Raider

The first lady in the company of these brutal jocks is as cool as they come. Eternally young tomb raider was not only a sex symbol of the gaming industry, but also embodied a series of top action-adventure. It was, however, a long time ago, but the image has remained and its significance has not lost yet.

3rd Place. Kratos - God of War.

The embodiment of fury, the personification of rage - that is how we can describe Kratos. The range of his emotions is not very diverse. In fact, he is just another "unstoppable" character. But the direction of his struggle is unconventional: the screenwriters gave themselves completely to the idea of divine vendetta, so their creation looks much more vivid than any member of the slender army of all-conquering athletes. As it turns out, the idea of divine vengeance is close to the players, which elevated Kratos above the rest of the brutal dubolos.

2nd Place. Max Payne (Max Payne) - Max Payne

Quite the dark figure. A renegade cop who prefers to administer justice with his own hands rather than put villains in the hands of corrupt representatives of the law. He has a bit of madness in his eyes, a past that leaves him with nothing left to lose, a bit of despair, but an unyielding will and an analytical mind - the cocktail is exquisite and killer.

1st place. Gordon Freeman - Half-Life.

The inimitable Mr. Freeman is a rather mysterious character. Well, not him, but the reason for his immense popularity. Despite the fact that he doesn't talk soul-searching in the Half-Life games and doesn't flash his pretty face on the screens, a lot of players like him. Perhaps this is because Gordon is closest to the people. Not being a special agent, not having super-powers, with a complete lack of demonic or divine relatives genealogical tree this man man manages to effectively fight for his and others' freedom in any of the worlds.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Oh, and don't say, "I'd put that one in first place and that one in tenth place!"


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