The new Oklick Hunter gaming computer mouse

Technical Specifications
Sensor: Laser Avago, 90-5040 dpi * Response frequency: 1000 Hz * Travel speed: 150 inches per second (3.81 m/s) * Number of buttons: 2 main, 2 side, four-position scroll wheel, 1 button to change modes, 1 button locking mouse lift, 1 swing adjust the sensitivity * Interface: USB 2.0 * Optional: set of 3 weights, 2 removable side pads, included software for recording macros * Price: 1750 rubles
Long gone the days when gaming mice can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Now only very lazy company does not produce rodents for gamers. Some mice are customized for certain genres - so there are strategic, shooter and even MMORPG-oriented manipulators. To stand out from all that variety we need to think out of the box and produce mice that are not only of good quality but have some definite advantages in gaming.

Oklick Hunter straightaway draws your attention by the possibility to change the side panel (not the whole mouse cover, but exactly the side panel), no other standard mouse has such an option today. Of course, we got the mouse for tests and checked its gaming capabilities. Two weeks some of our editorial staff members raced Hunter in the games of various genres (we mostly focused on shooters, strategy and MMORPG) - and we came to the following conclusions.

What does a mouse consist of?
1 - A mouse sensitivity indicator. If your palm is wide, your thumb will rest on this ledge and it won't be very comfortable to hold the mouse.

2 - The side buttons are very narrow and right under them there is a plastic ledge which is very easy to confuse with the buttons during the game and to start pressing it.

3 - The mouse sensitivity switch knob. During the battle reaching for it with your finger is not very convenient.

4 - The back of the mouse is glossy, but not marginal. The only drawback - if your hand sweats a lot, the plastic quickly becomes wet and slippery.

5 - The scroll wheel is very convenient: it's wide and with a clear click. And most importantly - your finger does not get tired of shifting it right-left.


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