No one is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten. - "Machinist"

In this column I continue to cover little-known among most modern players movies that are still relevant today and likely won't lose it ever. This time we're going to talk about Brad Anderson's "The Machinist".

Year: 2004Directed by
: Brad AndersonScene
: Scott CozarProduced by
: Javier Arzaga, Carlos Fernandez, Julio Fernandez,...
Cinematography: Xavi JimenezComposer
: Roque BañosBudget
: $5,000,
000Pride starring: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Aitana Sanchez-Hijon, John Sharian, Michael Ironside, Larry Gilliard Jr, Reg E. Cathy, Anna Massey, Matthew Romero Moore, Robert Long...

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In terms of genre, this film is closest to a psychological thriller. There is incredible tension in almost every scene - almost the whole film you will almost physically feel the clouds gathering over the main character's head. Or is it in his head? You will figure it out as the narrative progresses.
The film will be most interesting to admirers of Dostoevsky's work, as it is a symbolic adaptation of Crime and Punishment. The names of the main characters do not coincide, does not match the time and place of the action, but everything in the film bears the imprint of the philosophy of Dostoyevsky.
The main thing is to look closely. An ordinary-looking shot may hide several "Easter eggs" which relate both to the film's plot and Fyodor Mikhailovich's works. In the end, the film draws us to the same conclusion as the novel, but in a symbolic form. The play of actors convincingly conveys the mood and atmosphere of the book, what stands alone Christian Bale, who became almost a skeleton. In fact, this movie is the best adaptation of Dostoevsky I've ever seen, even if it's done in a symbolic way.
All students should definitely watch it :). This movie will also appeal to people who want to think and to people who like quality suspense. Those who watch films for the action, and people who generally like easy and unstressful movies don't need to worry, though for the sake of curiosity and to broaden their cinematic horizons it is better to watch it.
For now I take my leave.

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