How to burn a CUE disc image

If you've downloaded a music CD image in .ape and .cue format from your favorite Internet, and you want to mount/write/listen it (underline it), don't be surprised if your favorite trio of super programs, namely Nero Burning ROM, Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, do not recognize the disc image. Not at all. At all.

Saddened user, there is always a way out - there is a program on the Internet called Burrrn! Yes, that's what it's called. It will burn any music CD image you want. And this miracle weighs only 2 megabytes. And it's free!
(I won't tell you where to download it, it's a secret!)

If you did download the program, it would be logical to install it


I think I do not need to explain how to do it? Well done! Once the program is installed, run it. You probably have Windows 7, right? If so, run the program strictly with administrator privileges!

Once you run it, you will see a small dialog box that says you are running the program for the first time, and, like, need to configure it. Click the OK button and proceed with the configuration. Nothing complicated will require us to do:
- in the Writer
drop-down list, select the disk drive model we will use to burn the disk image.

- from the Language drop down list, select the interface language. I will select Russian.
Click the OK button. The program window will appear.

Click the Add button. A dialog window will appear. Select the image
that you want to burn

Please note!!! Select the file that has theBuurrp icon
(a blue one)
This file is a .cue file size of a few kilobytes. If you choose a .ape file, you will record all the songs as a whole. If you choose a .cue file, each song will be recorded as a separate track. That's right!

Have you chosen a file? That's great! Now we've got the names of the songs that the image contains. Did they really appear? That's great! What's next?
Make sure you have a blank CD in the drive.
- choose a writing speed in the Writing Speed dropdown list (the slower the writing speed, the better the burning)*
Now click the Write
button... you should see a window.
Nothing happens for a minute or two or three.
All right, the image is being decoded. Your computer is not frozen and you don't touch anything! If you do not touch anything you will soon see a screen like

this When the disk has been burned, the drive will open by itself. You will be able to remove your CD and close the program. Enjoy listening =)software, burrrn!, cue, ape, nero, alcohol, tommy25 Write a comment Total comments: 17


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